Cover, May 28: “Also NM Shot”

Sanguine Slighting

David Reidel wrote about the 10 greatest movies or TV series shot in New Mexico. But what about the wonderful 1971 movie Red Sky at Morning (with Santa Fe Prep standing in for the local high school)? Sadly, this movie has never been released to either video or DVD for some reason. The film is based on Richard Bradford's novel of the same same. New Mexico Magazine also left out this movie awhile ago.

David Gunter
Santa Fe

News, May 28: “Preschools in Peril”

Straw Man

Your reporter got it backward on the real story with preschools. The problem isn't that the subsidies are too low; it's that the prices are artificially too high. He accepted on faith that preschool fees, typically around $1,000 per month for full-time care, are based on the actual cost of providing child care. The article contained no mention of the massive list of state regulations imposed on providers that drive the cost of providing child care to the sky. Those regulations take a business that should require almost no start-up capital and turn it into a business with high fixed costs.

Pat Johnson
Santa Fe

News, May 28: “2014 SFR Endorsements”

Ready to Vote

Thank you for your excellent article. I have been out of town and am not very familiar with the candidates. I'll take my notes from your article to the polling booth!

Carol Williams
Santa Fe


SFR's Endorsement of Matthew Wilson for District Judge contained an error in the number of years Wilson served as hearing officer for family court. He had that job for three years, not seven.

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