Cover, May 14: “Dems’ Only Hope”


I need to correct the impression that I endorsed or supported one of the Democratic candidates for governor, Alan Webber. Such an endorsement would be highly improper. What did happen is the Center for Progress and Justice offered each of the Democratic candidates for governor the space for one event to facilitate Santa Feans meeting them. As required, this was reported to each campaign as an in-kind contribution.

Each candidate was treated equally. Neither I nor the Democratic Party of Santa Fe County endorse any of the Democratic candidates for governor. Each of the five are vastly superior to the incumbent.

(Ellenberg is chair of Santa Fe County's Democratic Party.)

Richard D

Ellenberg Santa Fe


Seems our governor is taking big money from out of state and corporations. This is not a good thing for the people of New Mexico. Her loyalties lie elsewhere. Her economic record is poor, her transparency in government is horrible and she is is ruining the public schools, as teachers are making a mass exodus out of the state as I type. The key to a Democratic win is to get folks out to vote. Susana Martinez was elected last time with a 60 percent turnout; please vote and at least make her earn her position.


This Independent

Thanks for the coverage. For those of us who're thinking outside the Democrat/Republican box, I hope you'll cover any Independents who may be running!


Better Framing

Webber refers to his defense of a child rapist as "thoughtless." Some might call it "perverse."

Fred Leon Hardt


The cover story in the May 5 edition incorrectly stated that Howie Morales voted as a state senator to table a bill that would have brought greater state oversight to Tierra Blanca Ranch. Morales did not vote to table the bill; it was tabled in the Senate Judiciary Committee, which Morales doesn't serve on.

Arts Valve, May 14: “History, Developed”

Tossed Aside

I love this story. It's always distressing when you see family photos in secondhand stores. This show is a brilliant idea.

Paul Klein

Cover, May 7: Local Music Issue

Cover Grrrl

I was very proudly part of the band Chopper Sick Balls that was featured on the cover of the first music issue. Thanks so much for the mention and for the lovely stroll down memory lane. We had such a great time with The Hollis Wake, and I will never forget all the rowdy fun we had. Original political pop punk music and grassroots resistance were both very strong. It was all so dreamy.

It was an absolute honor to be featured in the first music issue and to be recognized, but the recognition oddly also came with tension in an otherwise small but unified music community. I can't tell you how many times I was told with a sneer that we (Chopper Sick Balls) received recognition in the first place for the sole reason that the culture editor at SFR was queer and not because we actually wielded any talent or merit as musicians. Um, OK, thanks for your feedback, have a great day. Those kind of remarks were terrible, but it was a learning experience. I felt a real empathy for anyone in any limelight anywhere; even a teeny tiny bit of fame makes you a target!

Much love to you at SFR, and to Shane, Val and Lehra of Chopper Sick Balls, and to The Hollis Wake; we experienced some unforgettable magic in this community. I love Santa Fe and our music scene so much. Thanks for your support!

Sue Fury 

Santa Fe

“Bandstand Blues”



Alex De Vore's article on the Santa Fe Bandstand series poses one major gripe, too many old people, and one secondary one, too many repeat bands. I take issue with both of these stances. Cipriano Vigil is a musician who falls into both categories. He is also probably the most beloved musician in the state. The folk music that he plays is the music of this area, the music that was born from this soil. Vigil has lived, performed and taught music here all his life. His book New Mexican Folk Music/Cancionero del Folklor Nuevomexicano, written in both Spanish and English, was just released from UNM Press. He has worked with young people, having taught at Northern New Mexico College until his retirement. He currently works in the schools teaching kids how to build cigar box guitars, which they get to take home. He is an accomplished composer writing everything from corridos to orchestral works. It is my opinion that it is this music that is most appropriate to the Santa Fe Bandstand series, and that De Vore's article displays a disrespect for and an ignorance of the great musical traditions of this area.

Bette Andresen 

Ojo Caliente, NM

News, May 14: “En Fuego”

Home Run

Julie Ann Grimm, thanks for a great article on the Fuego. See ya at the ballpark.


Ronald S Trujillo 

Santa Fe

Briefs, May 14: “Pedestrians to the Plaza?”

Pounding Concrete

I have heard a lot of people asking to "re-surface" the concrete near the stage for a better dancing experience. The concrete looks very "plain" as well.


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