Cover, May 7: Local Music Issue “Bandstand Blues”

Highfalutin Tootin’

Santa Fe is full of sophisticated music lovers. Developing an understanding of quality music in a broad range of genres takes time and dedication. With just a little effort, SFR could easily find higher-quality folks to write their music reviews. Santa Fe Bandstand is among the finest—if not the finest—music festival running in the country. Around 100 free performances over ten weeks! And the lineups just gets better and better! Regarding the limited exposure given to the type of music preferred by your unsophisticated reviewer, I once overheard David Lescht (founder of Santa Fe Bandstand) make the following statement: "You find me a local heavy metal-rock type band that doesn't drive people from the Plaza, and I'll think about it." That really says it all....

Kerth Lundell 

Santa Fe

Ageism, Uncovered

I was disappointed to read the article "Bandstand Blues," which certainly managed to present an ageist bias at best ("nights aimed at old folks," defined as over 50 according to the author) and a completely closed mind at worst, showing the writer's lack of actual respect for the range of diverse and high-quality performers that play each summer, thanks to Michael Delheim's selfless dedication. As a newer resident of Santa Fe, I find the outward trend and journalistic pastime of loathing so-called "old folks" to show signs of a less-than-progressive and disrespectful mindset toward all members of this great city. No doubt Michael Delheim is kind and even open to criticism, as displayed in the article, and is working on improvements that we see each year in this world-class (and free, no less!), community-based musical event. Give the guy and the series a break (and also the great credit it deserves). The event always attracts people of all ages whom I see dancing happily each night. And at least he picks performers and a crowd of attendees who do not tend to vomit and urinate on our lovely bandstand…I will take that. Michael Delheim, this series totally rocks!

Dana Lundell

Santa Fe

“My Hell Session”

Wedgie Time

I always figured Andrew Click's hell sessions were with me. He is the most patient, intuitive person, and as a producer he could take suggestions like " I want this guitar to sound like early morning," and he can make that happen. A lot of times I will be working out lead lines, vocals and harmonies right at the sessions and he never gets flustered with me. I don't think I remind him of the Compton guys, but he's heard enough stories of the vatos from Pecos that maybe he thinks I might pull a tire chain out on him, but he's too much like a little brother, so usually I just give him an extra harsh wedgie and leave it at that.

George Adelo

“Inside Track”

Genius Omitted

As a serious music lover and 40-year resident of Santa Fe, I would like to bring to your attention some names that were omitted in your special music edition. These genius musicians were the forerunners and architects of today's local music scene and are still performing and recording today: Carlos Lomas, Antonio Mendoza, Bill Hearne, Joe West, Chris McCarty, David and Michael Manzanares, Busy McCarroll, Matthew Andrae, Nacha Mendez, Ottmar Liebert, Jon Gagan and Mark Clark.

Robert Biddle

Santa Fe

Grateful Band

Many thanks for the kind words on the Pray For Brain review!


School Reformed, April 30: “The Parent’s Dilemma”

All the Little Children

Your children are not asleep in the schools

(No soul no spirit no heart)

I do art in the schools and the student's play

in the mud and make beautiful art.

I mean play in the mud; play… play… play

oh how they play!

As children should and could once again.

I'll report what I do know; your children are not dead

merely sleeping.

I hear the woops and screams of delight

I see the juke joint jive and dancing in the earth.

I see the grins of real kids coming alive again

and learning from doing not only thinking.

The Big Momma knows her children

she weeps for the deadness we give them

from our consumer capitalistic world;

but your children are not dead they be still alive

dreaming a new dream for us all about playful loving kindness and experiencing play once again.

Play is another form of love and belonging. Alleluia!

Robert Francis Johnson

Santa Fe

Another Alternative

Seth Biderman writes that he believes in principle in free public education, but he has reservations about its quality and may not send his own daughter to Santa Fe Public Schools. I have the opposite stance: I don't believe there should be free public education, but I do sent my children to Santa Fe Public Schools.

I have no choice about it since schooling is required by law, and I'm a single mom working for tips as a hair stylist, so private school is out of the question.

Lots of kids are simply not cut out for school and don't want to be there. If a kid is learning resistant or prone to misbehavior or frequently disrupts class or just doesn't care about learning, then he or she should be expelled. I support abolishing public schools and providing private school vouchers. Once kids reach the age of 12, high school vouchers should be given only to good students who can pass a tough entrance exam. The rest should be offered a voucher for vocational high school so they can acquire a job skill.

Pat Johnson

Santa Fe

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