Cover, April 2: “I Saw it on Facebook”

Guinea Piggin’

Gwyneth Doland, why are you urging people to believe “experts” when we know that they will lie to protect their self-interest? Do you really think that the sudden proliferation of brain tumors in cell phone users is a coincidence? A scientific study you could’ve found if you bothered to look has linked cell phone use to eye tumors. What about the precautionary principle? Do you think we should all serve as guinea pigs until the “experts” deign to tell us the truth?  

Diana Thatcher

Santa Fe

Cover, March 26: “Woops WIPP”

Like a Chameleon

Best article I’ve seen on the subject. Could you possibly give us an update after that storage room has been explored? Radiation leaks don’t just happen and poof they are gone. 


Cover, March 12: “MIND, BODY, SPIRIT”

Being in the World

A quick thank you for  the excellent article about yoga a few weeks ago.

Some exciting things are happening from that. Our yoga community is really unifying itself, as evidenced by the upcoming SF Yoga Festival in August and 2nd Annual SF Kirtan Festival in October.

Kirtan is a chanting/devotional/singing activity from the “Bhakti” form of yoga. It doesn’t include physical stretches and exertion but rather the idea of devotion and song. 

Someday down the line, I am hoping you might expand the yoga article to include these other forms of yoga and the coming together of so many of us in Santa Fe in a new way of being in the world with one another.

Perhaps the biggest gift of yoga in any form is the evolution of desire to live for one another rather than on top of or in spite of one another.

Gaia Genevieve Richards

Santa Fe

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