We'd like to correct some factual errors about Girls Inc. of Santa Fe, and our programs on Santa Fe's southside. Girls Inc. ran programs at Zona for five years, from 2005-2011; we managed Zona's main building for the last two of those years.

Like many non-profit nation-wide, Girls Inc. struggled financially during a difficult economic climate. With restructuring and cost-cutting measures--including making some difficult programmatic decisions—we were able to weather the storm. After 58 years, Girls Inc. is still in Santa Fe, continuing to inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

We are dedicated to empowering all girls in Santa Fe. When the difficult decision was made to discontinue programs at Zona, Girls Inc. also made a conscious decision to stay involved by remaining on the Zona board. This past fall, we renewed our commitment by working with community partners: we currently bring hands-on Girls Inc. programming to Ortiz Middle School and the Juvenile Detention Center. With the continued support of many donors, Girls Inc. ended FY2013 in the black—while expanding our programs once again to the southside of Santa Fe. Our ability to reach even more girls depends on the generosity of the Santa Fe community.

A huge thanks from our girls to all,




We can learn something valuable from private schools; we are learning it if we are paying attention to our public schools: Get the politicians and administrators the hell out of our schools, and they will thrive. Get the testing, except for that which teachers deem valuable for assessing student learning, out of our schools, and they will thrive. Get the corporate curriculum out of our schools, and they will thrive.

I am not a proponent of models and canned franchised programs as much as I am of grassroots, teacher-run schools. There should be just enough administration in place to support teachers. Our current model of public education is disastrous. Dismantling the Public Education Department completely and immediately would be a great start. Dismantling central administration completely and immediately would also be a great start.




In last week's Inside Track, SFR mistakenly identified the album Santa Fe Sessions as a Frogville Studio product. It was recorded at Grasshopper Music.

A brief in the Jan. 15 edition reported the wrong date for the opening of St. Vincent hospital downtown. The hosptial opened in 1950, but older facilities known as St. Vincent sanatorium were open as early as 1883.

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