News, Sept. 24:

Power to the People

Somehow, I love the idea of cutting the cord from PNM, but in practical terms, I doubt Santa Fe could develop a sustainable source of power sufficient for our growing population. More important to me would be Santa Fe being forward thinking enough to cut the cord from the likes of Comcast, Dish, and Direct TV and provide TV and internet access as a “public utility” as some other cities have done. Santa Fe already granted Comcast access to bury cables in our yards. Many subdivisions are built with the boxes already in place. Why not claim them as other cities have done? fjpoblam

Same Difference?

The thing to consider is a muni-power system doesn’t have to actually produce all its own power right off the bat. Typically, they contract with the existing provider to buy the baseload at some set price, and add in their sources as they are available to reduce peak loads and eventually  pick up baseload. So, if we started just buying PNM power, the cost to the user would be close to the same, or even lower since we would not build profit into our retail price. Then, depending on what types of power we are able to add like wind/pv and how much it really costs, we’d buy less. dan baker


Highway Robbery

OMG no no no no. I live in a city with a city-owned power company. It all looks good on paper, but the outcome is highway robbery, fraud and fraudulant practices when it comes to preparing bills. And, they are now saying they screwed up the June bill. Everybody is supposed to cough up more money without proof. And the service had deteriorated to below acceptable levels. I would certainly check with other cities. Marlis

News, Sept. 18:
“Choosing Love” Stripped

A Lobo crossed my path a number years ago and I still reflect in awe at its humble beauty and grace.  I would hate to think of our collective loss of such a magnificent animal if its protection is stripped.  A sad day indeed. KateVrMeer

Morning Word: Sept. 25
"ABQ mayoral candidate talks economy"

Berry has a economic director, John Garcia, who is truly one of the dumbest men in government.  I spoke with him about District 3 in Albuquerque, how it had no ammenities, parks, police and fire stations and his reply was, “District 3 has less people [in it] than other districts.” FYI John, all districts have the same population.  Berry is a closet tea bagger. Thomas Salazar

First Time

By far the most disturbing part of the [news, Sept. 17: “Tangled”]story on sexual assault charges within the police force being dropped was the caption for the story’s accompanying photograph: “Police Chief Ray Rael told reporters that in his more than 20 years at the SFPD, this incident marks the first time he’s known of sexual assault allegations made within the department.” How can that possibly be? I mean, statistically? Does the SFPD have a sexual offense policy or a system in place for reporting offenses? I hope Chief Rael addresses the need for comprehensive and just policies, and that the SFR asks those hard questions! Stella Linder Byrne

Madrid, NM


Last week, [news, Sept. 25: “Breakup”] appeared in last week’s SFR on the topic of whether Santa Fe should part with PNM. The article incorrectly stated the acquisition would likely be funded through revenue bonds, which would be paid off through users’ water bills. It should have stated the bonds would be paid off through electric bills.