Cover, June 12: "Summer Guide 2013"

Just Wrong
I think this week’s Reporter cover was just wrong. Not edgy, not cool, just someone trying to get attention for their work in all the wrong ways. No finesse, no elegance, just trash. Apparently, nothing is sacred anymore. That is the problem with the world...No morals and no respect for anything... Francie F
Left Out

I don’t envy your position in having to come up with 93 ways to enjoy summer in Santa Fe. Inevitably, someone will feel left out, unfairly overlooked or insulted. I feel all these things and more.

Somewhere between suggestion No. 11 (Play hooky) and No. 73 (Do nothing), somewhere between suggestion No. 33 (Soak up the sun) and No. 76 (Get naked), I’d have thought there might be room to suggest people head down to the Plaza between June 21 and Aug. 23 to catch one or more of the 89 free, high-quality musical performances at the Santa Fe Bandstand.

Now in our 11th year, the Bandstand offers something for virtually all musical tastes. Based on data gathered from last year’s Bandstand, we attract a nightly audience of between 500 and 1,000 people per night. And, unlike No. 29 on your list (Santa Fe Opera—where tickets can easily cost upward of $100 per seat), the Bandstand is completely free.

This year, the Santa Fe Reporter is the official print media sponsor of the Santa Fe Bandstand. We have a formal business relationship, and as such, we’ll be promoting The Reporter to the nightly crowds at Bandstand. I’m afraid your decision to leave us out of annual Summer Guide will make it difficult for our endorsement to sound sincere. Not a great way to begin our new relationship. Michael Dellheim
Santa Fe
An Affront

I am not one who usually complains about cover photos or articles that may rile some readers; but I had to comment on this last cover.

Picturing a bikini-clad, margarita-drinking sun worshiper within the same images that Our Lady of Guadalupe is usually pictured is an affront to the local families who have worshipped in this City of Faith for the past 400 years.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is also the patroness of the Americas and a saint in the Roman  Catholic Church. She is the mother of Jesus Christ and presented herself to the poorest of Mexican peasants. She is also one of the most copied images in our area, and some of the images are not in the best artistic taste. As is this one.

As a major publication, I believe you owe these families an apology. Paula Miera Dougherty
Ribera, NM
Right to Marry

Thank You [news, June 12: “Wed Lock”]! I just wish it was understood that our right to marry is as important as the right to vote...Either way, we will be just fine... Our love can’t be voted “OUT OF OFFICE” :) Jeanne Marsh
Rule of the Roost

The simple reason there is a continuing string of hiring and firing at New Mexico School for the Arts is because of the control-freak mentality of the board and its leader with deep pockets ruling the roost [, June 6: “NM Students Protest For Ousted Music Dept. Chair”]. One highly qualified person after another has been fired for no “professional” reason. BeenThereDoneThat
Big Picture, June 5:
"Stay Classy, Albuquerque!"
Fun Testing
This has to be one of the more idiotic things I have read from this paper. So name calling mixed in with questions about the integrity and basics of journalism. If this is poking fun, then you need to get fun tested for an STD and question if you drank a little too much last night. Stay classy SFR
Drag Queen

Gov. [Susana] Martinez campaigned that she was honest. We now know that she is [former Gov.] Bill Richardson in drag. Duped

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