Thanks for your input. If you have any proof that we are being "played," or that our reporting is false, we'd love to see it. So far, none has surfaced.

Alexa  Schirtzinger


Stew [Dude]: Your statement that "all reputable news outlets have editorial leanings" needs to be applied to KRQE as well. They lean well to the right of center on almost every issue, and their sensationalistic teasers to get people to watch a far-less-than-sensational story qualifies them as a classic example of "yellow journalism." They've become nothing more than the PR spokesperson for [Gov.] Susana Martinez, and they have no problem with bending the truth to make her and her administration look good.

Regardless of whether what Jamie Estrada did was right, wrong, legal or illegal, the bottom line is that what he disclosed is proof-positive that [Martinez'] big campaign rhetoric about "cleaning up the culture of corruption" was nothing more than talk to get herself elected and to get her OWN corrupt cronies in to replace [former Gov.] Bill [Richardson]'s.    



Booyah! Keep them honest! And why do I always envision some exotic, incurable STD when I hear the offending reporter's [Dick Knipfing's] name?   

David O'Niell

Serious News Biz

Love the "a Santa Fe alternative newspaper" line, as though KRQE is such a large and hallowed institution that they get to ID the SFR as an outsider in the serious news biz.    

Grayson Schaffer

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Hipster Culture
I wish the Reporter would re-examine its culture of bashing any questioning over wi-fi [news, May 29: "7 Days"]. I know it's terribly inconvenient for your hipster culture, but many of its adverse physiological reactions have been documented—albeit mostly in countries like Russia, when science was not as politicized.

Fluoridated water is another issue that you belittle as similarly effete, again promoting the industry line. It is associated with lower IQ in children, thyroid problems and probably cancer.

I am guessing that it's easier to give way on a few popularly accepted issues in order to give the appearance of being "fair and balanced" in others. Only problem is, you've chosen the bigger ones to sacrifice.

Barry Hatfield
Santa Fe

News, May 29:
"Downs Doings"


There was no legal way to handle this procurement as a sole source. The RFP [request for proposal] should have been advertised nationally and left open for at least 90 days. An even better option would have been to issue an RFI (request for information) open for 60 days to solicit suggestions for the project and information about prospective vendors' capabilities. Information from the RFI could have been used for a comprehensive RFP that would have resulted in more competition and probably a much better deal for the state. This was thimble-rigged purchasing at its worst from a Governor who campaigned against this sort of flagrant corruption. Booo!

Chuck McCoy

Behind the Curtain

Thank you Santa Fe Reporter! The rest of the state's media is giving [Gov.] Susana Martinez and ilk one giant PASS! Her mean-spirited politics are being ignored and the under-the-table deals she professed to hate during the campaign are alive and well. Hopefully, this story will begin to peel the cover away from that shyster behind the curtain!

Here We Go Again, May 30:
"SFR Calls on KRQE to
Correct FBI Story"
Smell Test

The SFR should just wipe the egg off its face, admit it was played by a source (that being the most charitable of all possible explanations that would explain its bogus reporting), and move on. SFR's attempt to redefine what "is" and its ridiculous technical semantic defense of its reporting is not going to pass anybody's smell test. Give us a break.  SFR long ago surpassed the Alibi as the premier news reporting alternative weekly in the state. All reputable news outlets have editorial leanings, the SFR being no exception, but at the same time, left or right, reputable news organizations should also possess basic journalistic integrity. If SFR sticks with its current posture on this story, it will prove it possesses none.     

Stew Dude