Cover, April 3: “Nuts to Butts”

To the victims
In regards to prisoner abuse, the guards should be prosecuted and imprisoned. The guards committed a violent crime, and they should be locked up. I imagine they would find themselves pretty well fucked if they were sent to Los Lunas [Central New Mexico Correctional Facility]. The taxpayers did not commit this heinous crime; the guards did.
But what about the victims of those abused criminals? Have they been compensated financially for the wrongs done to them?  No. They have not. I’m pretty sure the rape victims and the families of the murder victims suffered a great deal more than a couple of hours of humiliation and discomfort. If those criminals win any money from the state or from anywhere, it should go straight to their victims.
Marlin M
Santa Fe

This is scary
Warden Anthony Romero was also the warden when an inmate at the same prison was raped by a guard about the same time as Nuts to Butts happened. Now, he is in charge at the New Mexico Corrections Department headquarters, Central Office? Many people have complained about Anthony Romero over the years. Why does Governor [Susana] Martinez allow our state-run prisons to be run by him? He is in a leadership position now overseeing all prisons? This is scary.

Not the first time
Your story is right on, I am just bummed I didn’t write it [since] I am a former prisoner and a current reporter. Anthony Romero was a quack like most all other prison wardens. Nuts to Butts was a common occurrence during its history [and] is much older than the 2009 incident at the level II in Los Lunas. The first time I saw it used was during the Y2K scare in 2000, when they thought the change in century would create chaos. Good work and great story.
Former prisoner

Filthy legs?
The thing I found VULGAR and offensive and disgusting is that this type of thing happened in our justice system [, April 3: “Attack of the Trolls: Who’s Stealing All Our Papers?”]. That’s what people should be freaked about, not somebody’s naked legs!

More Pedro
I first heard Pedro [Romero] play at a local Santa Fe restaurant’s courtyard, and he was wonderful to listen to [music, April 3: “Vote For Pedro”]. I was visiting from Fort Collins, Colo., and it really set a great impression on me with his music and the yummy food of that restaurant. It actually made me and the others [who] I was with stay longer and order more food and drink just so that we could [hear] Pedro play more. I hope more places hire him, because that was a great night.
He did mention that he is a fine artist, and we went to his studio and his creativity and his passion for his work [are] amazing. Santa Fe is blessed to have such a talented and pleasent person like Pedro there to represent the city. I will be back for sure.
Rob Smith

Junior grows up
The “pledge” may not be a hard pledge for lots of folks who’ve been doing those things all along [big picture, April 3: “Running Dry”]. But the questions are poorly phrased, some of them of the sort: “I promise to stop beating my wife.” ¿Eh? [There’s n]othing in there about promising to plant a tree. Do it if you can. We replaced our ailing 30-year-old cottonwood with a new elm in January. “Junior” is starting to green even now.
Albo P Fossa

Faux Christmas
Your gold medal winner is disqualified by your own rule, that it must be Christmas [food, April 3: “Fat Man’s Fast Eats”]. Christmas is New Mexico chile, red and green, period. Any old random salsa that happens to be green or red does not qualify. Cilantro and jalapenos? That is not green chile. Adding red chile to a salsa? That’s not red. You can’t call yourself a connoisseur when you don’t even know the basics of the cuisine.

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