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Wi-fi Steamroll
I am assuming that Corey Pein is referring to fiber-optic cable instead of copper wire to dramatically increase internet access. To clarify the safety concerns of the "technophobes" Corey referred to, we have been completely frustrated by the legal requirement of lumping underground fiber-optic cable into the same telecommunications ordinance as wireless antennas and cell towers, as they are entirely different technologies. Our dream is to simply move to all underground cable—for which we would gladly support both public and private industry fees to pay for—skipping the well-documented hazards of wireless infrastructure all together.

So first we want all underground cable, and then if that is not possible, [even] based on hundreds of non-industry studies, all we want is a reasonable ordinance, with many of the stipulations provided by the current ordinance in San Diego and the proposed ordinance being developed in Glendale in Los Angeles County. San Diego's ordinance was challenged by the telecommunications industry, as it provides for a number of safeguards to protect the public, but it was upheld as legally viable by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Glendale's will be a more modernized version of San Diego's, accounting for the progression in technology. We don't want to stand in the way of progress but, then again, we don't want it to run over us either!
John McPhee
Santa Fe Alliance for Public Health & Safety
Santa Fe

Amavi Amended
In response to the locavore issue, I feel compelled to note a change occurring at Amavi. Under the guidance and talent of chef David Sellers, Amavi has emerged as a valuable addition to the wealth of dining in Santa Fe. He is not only appreciated by his staff and customers, but respected by his colleagues as well, which comes as high praise considering the gifted culinary crew in our town.

Although Dave leaves a charming legacy in the wake of his departure, the passion he and his wife, Heather, injected into Amavi will continue to flow. The restaurant's new head chef, Megan Tucker, is an avid supporter of local farms. She hopes to take the existing successful menu and improve it with additional local ingredients.

Amavi welcomes the arrival of new talent into the kitchen. We cast our sights toward great success in the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Our enthusiasm and dedication to perfect food and wine pairings will continue to evolve with our respective menus. We send gratitude to our loyal customers for their support during this time of progressive change. We wish all the "love of life" to the Sellers for this new chapter in their lives.
Matthew Slaughter
Captain of Fine Dining at Amavi
Santa Fe

Local Wine, Too
I enjoyed the Devour articles about local, from farm to the table [food], but I want to say that grapes are grown locally, and wonderful wines are made and consumed locally, as well as sold to tourists. Black Mesa Winery, Don Quixote Distillery & Winery and Santa Fe Vineyards, just to name a few, have done a great job of making wines that New Mexico can be proud of.

New Mexico was the first successful wine region in North America, starting in 1629, and was one of the largest wine producers at the turn of the century, until Prohibition and the flooding in the middle Rio Grande Valley.

A study done by New Mexico State University states that the wine industry in New Mexico will double in the next few years, a more than $60 million effect to the economy. New Mexico is winning many of the national and international wine-making medals, and deserves some recognition. I started a winery a few years ago, and grow grapes and make wine with the help of Jerry Burd, and now make a good living from this form of farming.
Richard Reinders
Estrella Del Norte Vineyard
Santa Fe

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