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Late Friday afternoon I was leisurely strolling across the sunlit Plaza and ran into Raymond Mardyks, who was featured prominently in your article on 2012, "My Oh Mayan!." Instead of commenting on the colors of his aura or bothering him for an autographed copy of his Maya Calendar: Voice of the Galaxy, I asked what he thought 2012 portends for the political implications of life on Earth in the context of extraterrestrial visitation and UFOs (an area of great interest to me). Well get this: Without batting an eye he said that he was privy to information that there was a special council in ancient Atlantis thousands of years ago that collaborated with the ET race the Pleiadians and some space confederation who deemed it best that our planet Earth be placed under a quarantine ruling from otherworldly contact until the master galactic alignment occurs in 2012. Then, I guess, our intergalactic brethren will be coming here in droves! Isn't it curious that talk show diva Oprah Winfrey has just announced ending her program in 2011? Might Oprah be aiming for the stars?
Richard Dean Jacob
Santa Fe

False Beliefs
I'm writing about Alexa Schirtzinger's "Preaching to Converts."

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 44 percent of adults believe that pot is just as, or more, dangerous than alcohol.

Until this false belief can be changed, marijuana will probably remain a criminalized substance. The fact is marijuana is an extremely safe product (no reported deaths in the 5,000 year history of its use).

People consume marijuana for the same reasons they consume alcohol. Why not offer adults the much safer alternative to alcohol?
Kirk Muse
Mesa, Ariz.

More Marijuana
I love the paper and you do great work. As a patient since 2001 in Northern California, I believe more articles about current Medical Cannabis laws, especially one that sheds light on the Department Of Health's (DOH) horrible math, would help the common citizen understand how to support this important medicine.

As a registered patient I cannot understand the "limits," as the FBI studies show that usable medicine relates to square footage of canopy and NOT number of plants (.38 ounces per square foot). Also the limit on possession of 6 ounces for a three-month period is ridiculous. Three 1- gram joints per day equates to 3 pounds per year or 4 ounces per month.

I've seen the LA Weekly's ads with over three pages of clinics and doctors to help patients, and sure there's money being made but how would the cannabis income compare to Pharma's income on Ibuprofen alone?
Justin Case

Food With Doors
In a single paragraph, Mr. Fischer disses the vaunted Chicago hot dog and Frontera Grill, arguably one of the best (if not the best) Mexican restaurants in the country.

Mr. Fischer was probably disappointed that he couldn't find a chalupa at Frontera and, instead of ordering a dawg at a place with a door, he chose to order one from a street vendor. Duh? Had he taken the time he would have found a hot dog place with condiments unique to the Windy City (doesn't he know that's why Chicago Dog Express is successful?) or one that deep fries its potatoes in duck fat. Mr. Fischer's "elevated" experience with cucumbers in a taco is also mystifying.

The Santa Fe Reporter should keep Mr. Fischer away from the food column—he wouldn't know a good Chicago dog if it bit him on the nalgas.
John Armijo
Santa Fe

I recently read an article titled "Free Is Too Much" that frankly I found "too much."

I suppose part of this has to do with the fact that I have been a huge fan of the Gordon Free Band since their inception and actually think this band has a chance to break nationally. As a fellow musician and performing artist, I was taken aback by the caustic tone and what felt like a personal attack of Free and his music—music which frankly has garnered quite a following since the release of their CD Super Conscious.

Of course, the term "good" as it applies to music, or any art, is completely subjective but, as a fan, I think the music critic and SFR should have listed the Gordon Free Band's website and given people a chance to form there own opinions: Although I was not at that particular Cowgirl show, I saw their performances at the Pumpkin Festival and Zozobra, and consider GFB one of the best groups in New Mexico. The comparisons made by Alex are so far off that I'm not convinced he listened to their CD.

Influences would be U2, Pink Floyd and Jack Johnson, not the bands mentioned in the article. I recommend listening to: "Why," "Telephone" and "California" on the GFB's MySpace page.
Chris Chickering
Santa Fe

Once again, Esperanza Shelter for Battered Families would like to extend our sincerest thanks to SFR for selecting us as the beneficiary of your fantastic Halloween party at Milagro 139 on Oct. 31. Kudos to Anna Maggiore and her staff for dedicating one of the most well-attended parties of the year to ending relationship abuse in our community.

The lively fete is but one of many ways that SFR continues to support Esperanza's mission. We also appreciate your keen coverage of domestic violence in Santa Fe over the past several months, as well as your holiday donations drive on behalf of families who will spend the season in the shelter.

As this season of giving begins, may the Santa Fe community remember that 1 in every 3 women, and 1 in every 7 men, in our midst experiences relationship abuse. Not everyone can go home for the holidays. Not everyone wants to. Others long for home more than anything else but know that going back could cost them their lives. For those who are making the shelter their home this season, consider donating gift cards to Esperanza Shelter for gas, groceries, movies or retail stores such as Target or Walmart. These cards are used to supply clients with both goodies during the holidays and essentials all year round.

Donations can be delivered to Esperanza's administrative offices, 2845 Agua Fria St., directly across from Piccolino Italian Restaurant (near the intersection with Siler Road), from 8 am-5 pm weekdays (except holidays). For more information, call 505-474-5536.
Jodi Rodgers
Outreach Coordinator
Esperanza Shelter

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