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Political Sanity
As a member of neither political party, I found the article "Attack of the Right-Wing Nuts" laughable as it does not mention that the Democrats are guilty of the same kinds of transgressions (see the Bush years) and that MSNBC is merely a wing of the Democratic Party. This article was nothing more than an attack on the right-wing nuts by two left-wing nuts. Will sanity ever be a part of politics?
Sam Serur
Santa Fe

Regarding "Attack of the Right-Wing Nuts," my feeling is you overlooked one key issue: The Fairness Doctrine. As I understand it, under this rule the FCC would require equal time for opposing views. This mandate was overturned by the courts and the Reagan administration opened the sludge gates to the airwaves we have now.

Personally, I don't want to replace the Rightnuts with the equally reprehensible Leftnuts (Amy Goodman, Air America, etc.); I want the restoration of journalistic tenets that said "give one side a chance to comment, give the other a chance to respond." PLEASE, let me form my own opinions, so terribly American of me, I know. Reinstate the Fairness Doctrine.

PS: I noticed you had a Democrat speak on behalf of opposing Republican viewpoints. Curious.
David Cox

End Homelessness
I would like to thank the Santa Fe Reporter and Cathy Maier Callanan for making visible the homeless people living in our community in "The Invisible Ones." In addition to those children served by the Santa Fe Public Schools' Adelante program, there are hundreds more served by Youth Shelters who are living on the streets, couch surfing, or in shelter or transitional living.

These individuals are "unaccompanied youth" 12 years and older, sometimes up to 21, who, due to family violence, substance and sexual abuse, and poverty, have been turned out of their homes with little more than the clothes on their backs. Poverty, lack of affordable housing, inaccessible health care and systemic racism also contribute to their circumstances. They do not have connections to family, friends, schools or faith communities.

For unaccompanied youth, their homeless situation is more than just a housing issue. These young people need counseling, workforce preparation and the opportunity to reconnect with caring adults in order to put their lives back on course. Whenever it is safe, they need assistance in rebuilding their relationships with family. When young people come to Youth Shelters, they access a continuum of services and interventions that support their efforts to gain independence and an end to homelessness.

As a community, we must continue to work together to educate ourselves and bring an end to homelessness. It is unacceptable for even one person to be homeless in Santa Fe.
Karen Rowell
Executive Director
Youth Shelters
Santa Fe

Great View
Let's start with what's already right about St. Mike's: You can do all your shopping errands there, and you can do them efficiently. Three lanes per side is not too wide. There's plenty of traffic to fill them and, not infrequently, there are road repairs that close down a lane [News, Nov.
The long-distance views of the mountains are splendid on St. Mike's. Narrowing the road and bringing buildings closer to the curb will curtail the big-sky views.

Pedestrian areas on St. Mike's do not interest me. I want to do my errands quickly, find easy parking and go home.

In my opinion, trying to create a mall-like atmosphere on St. Mike's would be a mistake.
Carol Raymond
Santa Fe

No Clothes
Congratulations to Mr. De Vore for noticing the emperor does, indeed, have no clothes. Now, about some of the other music in this town…
Diane Zamost
Santa Fe

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