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The Santa Fe Reporter is to be commended for its feature story "The Invisible Ones," a photographic essay by Cathy Maier Callanan. I would, however, like to correct a couple of misrepresentations: The Interfaith Leadership Alliance of Santa Fe has not run the Interfaith Community Shelter, but has worked in partnership with St. Elizabeth Shelter and the Interfaith Community Shelter Group to provide meals and hospitality for the homeless. ILA members continue to work with both organizations. ILA has not received any funds for the Interfaith Community Shelter, although various faith groups have provided funds for the shelter. The Interfaith Community Shelter has received funding from the city, foundations and individuals in support of its work. And although I am flattered to be considered the leader of the ILA, the president of the 501(c)(3) organization is Father Richard Murphy of St. Bede's Episcopal Church. I hope that the Reporter will continue to shine a light on the plight of the homeless of Santa Fe.
Sue Breslauer
Temple Beth Shalom Social Justice Director
Santa Fe

Take a Stand
Domestic Violence Awareness Month is drawing to a close. The Santa Fe Reporter ran an excellent series on domestic violence and abuse, but have people been inspired to take a personal stand to help the victims of domestic violence and abuse? The article on women living in "Gilded Cages" becoming victims of domestic violence hit home. I know, I am one. I am a victim of domestic violence and abuse from a fine gated house in an upscale part of town.

I was shocked when I went to our pastor to ask for help. We had both gone to this church for about two years. The pastor listened to me and read my emails as I explained my husband seemed to be mentally ill, abusive toward me and in need of help immediately. His behavior had become erratic and destructive to himself and very abusive toward me and other women in his life. The pastor simply told me this was not the way my husband saw things. My husband repeatedly lied to him on all levels. Our pastor made no attempt to hold him accountable for his horrible actions toward me and the things he was doing to his own life. It seemed like the pastor and my husband were members of the "Good Old Boys Club," and my reports of abuse were minimized.

Santa Fe is "The City Indifferent," where it's not anyone's business to help a person, a woman, experiencing the living hell of domestic violence and abuse. I pray at least one person who reads this letter will decide to extend a hand, listen and take a stand when things don't appear right in the life of a friend or relative in trouble.
Kathleen Moore
Santa Fe

Agua Fear
Zane [Fischer], why don't you look around and find another place that you can hate? Or at least get some counseling on your fear of Agua Fria.

Seriously, perhaps you need to reassess why you live in Santa Fe. Most of the people I meet in this town live here because of a common appreciation of the physical beauty, the pleasant weather, the easy access to hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, fishing, etc.

With regard to diversity, I suspect that Travel + Leisure was referring to the ability of Anglo/Hispanic/Native American/gay communities to coexist in a small town.

The Reporter should do a better job of screening its editorial staff since the locals who advertise in its pages benefit from tourism.
David C Jaderlund
Santa Fe

Ignore Him, Duh
If you people really want all the [Alex] De Vore bullshit to stop, then quit giving him the attention he doesn't deserve. Duh.
Jim Codr
Santa Fe

Correction: Margaret Moore Booker is the author, not the photographer, of The Santa Fe House. The book's photographer is Steve Larese [Performing arts/books listings, Oct. 21]. SFR regrets the error.

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