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Shame Shame
Shame on you Reporter; shame on you for publishing an article about the state of local media and pointing a finger at both the Albuquerque Journal and The Santa Fe New Mexican as having layoffs without acknowledging your own. Not only do you ignore that your publication laid off Culture Editor Patricia Sauthoff in the spring but you go on to toot your own horn by highlighting two former staff members.

Do you not actually read the weekly letters you get admonishing your paper for its low-quality arts coverage? Perhaps these nonprofit news groups are flourishing because they see the talent that you can't hold on to or don't know how to acknowledge, and allow those creative people a chance to do things differently rather than the same old story we get from you. If this were Liberal, Kan. or Lubbock, Texas, your lack of good arts coverage and focus on local news would be acceptable, but this is Santa Fe. People pick up the Reporter for the arts and read the news second.

The next time your paper suffers another round of layoffs, I hope you get a real shake-up and lose the editor in charge of losing these three talented writers and allow someone like Zane [Fischer], the only writer left who can voice a coherent opinion, to take the reins.
Constance Green
Santa Fe

Full Circle
I've had a blast reading [Alex] De Vore for the past few weeks and an even greater time reading his hate mail. I'm not so much concerned with whether De Vore is a good writer or if he has "authenticated" opinions or not, but I think it's wonderful that he is hitting sore spots and creating debate. I'm pretty certain he is the only writer that did a heavy metal review in a town with a penchant for producing the most Starbucks-friendly music on the planet.

I love Santa Fe and I've managed to acquire some of the most intelligent, creative and passionate friends who are forced into droll day jobs to survive because of their marketability. People come to Santa Fe because they know what to expect rather than coming here to see what they might be missing. Let's face it, it's not Austin. Not yet.

In a city that claims to be a haven for progressive thinking, with more yoga studios than you can shake your incense stick at, you would think that someone out there would embrace more Socratic gadflying. Hire more De Vores and, for God's sake, keep us pissed off and thinking.
Matt Fooks

Thanks, Sponsors
I would like to once again thank the Santa Fe Reporter for supporting our "RAISE THE RENT" campaign for our Street Outreach Drop-In Center at 402 S. St. Francis Drive. This long-awaited facility provides over 600 youth per year with much needed support, including
food, clothing, counseling, case coordination and life-skills development.

Recently the Reporter ran our ad thanking the generous sponsors of this campaign. It has come to our attention that one of our loyal supporters, the United Church of Santa Fe, was erroneously left out. We sincerely apologize, and would like to once again thank them and our other valued contributors for their crucial support. Thanks to all of our generous community partners, we were able to raise the funds necessary to sustain this important program for the next year!

Youth Shelters' Street Outreach Program is one of five programs offered by the agency to help homeless and in-crisis youth and their families. The Drop-In Center provides space for on-site groups, counseling, case management, health care, laundry facilities, showers and a baby-friendly room.

Thank you to the Reporter and all of our "RAISE THE RENT" sponsors for making this campaign a success!
Karen Rowell
Executive Director
Youth Shelters
Santa Fe

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