Apologies to those readers who have pending letters to the editor. Hang tight: We have your letters set for next week, when we return to the present.

For now, can you match the opinion expressed in the excerpted letter with the issue about which it was written? (answers below)

Opinons and Issues Mix & Match Quiz
1.    “Who am I? Civil libertarian? Mass merchandiser? New nomad? Conquistador? Moneychanger? Interloper? Yes. Aye. Yeah. Si. Outi. Ja…y mas, a fool and maybe a madman (if I may compliment myself publicly). Indeed an American tradition.” (1977)
a.    Center for Contemporary Arts (CCA)
2.    “In general, these animals do not act like dogs and cannot be kept as casually as most people treat their dogs. One…not only ate the inside of her owner’s car, but broke into the house to eat the curtains and her brother’s alligator boots.” (1984)
b.    the plight of non-Indian artists
3.    “While costing less than a new performing arts center that would displace thriving businesses in the railway yards, the…building has the added advantage of being within walking distance of all the major hotels and the downtown restaurants, a block from Sweeney and St. Francis Auditorium, and within a few short blocks of the new Sandoval Street parking lot.” (1988)
c.    Waste Isolation Pilot Project
4.    “Is it truly worth a few jobs to jeopardize the future health, safety, possibly even lives of generations of New Mexicans for thousands of years to come?” (1989) d.    Santa Fe Mayor Debbie Jaramillo
5.    “As this new decade begins, let us all join together to preserve, protect and enhance our unique city from the onslaught of questionable developments and trends, which are already seriously threatening our community. We must keep Santa Fe off the Endangered Species list!” (1990) e.    College of Santa Fe
6.    “His engaging personality, sharp wit and oft-times incisive political perception were an integrating force for many residents of Santa Fe with extremely diverse interests and backgrounds.” (1992)
f.    wolf and wolf hybrids
7.    “Am I afraid of [her]? You bet I am! Just as I fear all politicians, religious leaders, cultural ‘custodians’ and racists who put them against us. And yes, I think [she] does just that.” (1994)
g.    the Railyard
8.    "Obviously we are dealing with a government agency devoid of human feelings—an agency from whom we never know the truth.” (1998) h.    destruction of Santa Fe Indian School buildings
9.    “[The action of] a group of cowards who call themselves activists is an insult to all activists who have worked hard and courageously to bring attention to their causes.” (1998)
i.    Tommy Macaione’s death
10.    “[It] is becoming a luxury that few can afford…The lack of [it]…is a very real crisis.”(2002)
j.    Don Juan de Oñate statue’s severed foot
11.    “A project of that size and complexity is bound to provide anyone with some disappointments, frustrations and things worthy of criticism.” (2002)
k.    Wi-Fi
12.    “As someone new to New Mexico from the Northwest, I would find myself starved for lack of a contemporary art were it not for [this organization].” (2004)
l.    proposed development of the Greer Garson Ranch in Pecos
13.    “So, do we run screaming one way or another? Here’s a novel idea: Why not check up on all the studies? Why not wait until they come out and then maybe we’ll know one way or the other. How about we find something moderate to sit with before we start screaming that everything is going to kill us?” (2007)
m.    affordable housing
14.    “I wonder what sort of reception they hope to get the next time a city project offends their sensibilities.” (2008)
n.    the vacant Sears building
15.    “I’m too cynical to be disgusted by all of this. Spineless ineptitude is what I’ve come to expect from leaders; [the institution’s] implosion seems to prove a sad rule.” (2009) o.    Los Alamos National Laboratory


1.    b
2.    f
3.    n
4.    c
5.    l
6.    i
7.    d
8.    o
9.    j
10.    m
11.    g
12.    a
13.    k
14.    h
15.    e