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Why this School?
Thank you for Zane Fischer's column last week for an honest and accurate account of the real story at Alvord Community School. The question, and Zane poses it brilliantly, is, "Why this school?" The parents and staff at Alvord have been told our test scores are too low and, when we create graphs with the most current district-wide test data showing that our students are above the district average, it's tossed aside. When we refute the district's budget for Alvord, including a custodial cost of $86,000 per year, we are told no one really wants to look at the numbers. That leaves us curious as to what the real reason for closure might be.

Both The Santa Fe New Mexican and the Journal North report incorrect numbers on enrollment, test data and student proficiency. Someone is providing those bogus numbers and, as usual, the question is why. Zane Fischer visited our school and saw firsthand that we are not a privileged population. But we are a success. And hats off to Zane, Gov. Richardson, [Santa Fe Public Schools Board of Education Vice President] Richard Polese, [City Councilor] Patti Bushee, [School Board President] Angelica Ruiz, Rep. Luciano "Lucky" Varela [D-Santa Fe], Sen. Nancy Rodriguez [D-Santa Fe], Sen. Phil Griego [D-Los Alamos], Sen. Peter Wirth [D-Santa Fe] and [former School Board President] Martin Lujan for their support of one of Santa Fe's oldest and best public schools.
Julie Dean
Santa Fe

On the Market
Thank you for the Q&A section with Bruce Bernstein. What a wonderful job he has! I have been going to the Santa Fe Indian Market for 30 years. It never gets old to me with the many artists from all over the world, as well as New Mexico.

I rarely buy these days because I don't need anything. The care and skill that goes into each piece of jewelry, sculpture, etc. are equal to any studio in Paris, Venice or the ends of the earth. The best time to go is at 6 am when things are cool and uncrowded. Really, it's the greatest show on earth!
Patsie Ross
Santa Fe

NDN Introspection
With respect to NDN Jones of white man's name, this half-blood wishes to say there is not a living person today whose family or culture, either currently or historically, has not been devastated by war/hate/greed. Most forgive.

When living in the PAST, buildings and foreign trees were not responsible for harmful actions to fellow humans nor was the earth they grace; people were—mostly dead NOW.

If destruction is the only way to forgive the past, why stop here? Eradicate the ground where every non-full-blooded NDN stood in history. Send all non-whole bloods back with their polluted soil to their homeland(s). When returning me, and those similar, which half will depart? Right or left?

While purifying, ban non-whole-bloods from entering NDN businesses, polluting them with non-NDN dollars, restricting them as you do with your schools and hospitals. NDNs can construct their cities and all else with only technology originating from NDNs paid for with pure NDN minted currency! If purity means discrimination, discriminate without hypocrisy.

Does destruction today make a better present reality, or heal the past?

Consider sharing with your non-NDN brother as you share his name and all else.

One blood, one breath, one human species.
Denise Williams
Santa Fe

See The Jackalope
I was surprised to see you missed the free Summer Music Series at Jackalope (2 pm every Saturday and Sunday from Memorial Day to Labor Day) in the free music section of your Summer Guide '09. It's a great all-age, family event and an opportunity to catch the best local talent Santa Fe has to offer. It's also free, like the [Plaza] Bandstand music, of which Jackalope is a sponsor.
Diane Zamost
Santa Fe

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