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Wide world
Congratulations to Dave Maass, Tyler Fisher and the United World College students for the terrific global overview in your March 25 edition. For me, this article provided a nice snapshot of some of the issues worldwide that may not be making headlines but are serious concerns on the ground in these diverse corners of the world. What an opportunity these students have to learn from each other and to nurture the potential to "change the world!"
Jamie Gagan

Not for nut jobs
Zane's writings are often entertaining at the least. The first two paragraphs of his article "When Local is Illegal" warrant some attention. It is true that activists of all kinds tend to sound like nut jobs, especially when they're talking about things that most of us know nothing about: radioactivity in our water, UFOs, conspiracies, etc.

However, I know of a no more universally influential force than that of economics and finance. It influences war, industry, media, politics, education, employment, health care, societal behaviors, family decisions, care toward the environment and so on. I believe there is not a single problem or issue on this planet or in our lives that does not have money and/or its effects at its root. Being such an influential force, it is beyond irony that 98 percent of Americans are either partially or completely mistaken about money's creation and control.

The most complete and authoritative documentary on this subject is titled The Money Masters. I challenge Zane or anyone else to disprove a single point established in this movie. The current economic crisis is not an accident, and we are doing ourselves and our loved ones a disservice by not understanding how and why. Many will dismiss this recommendation because it hints at a change in one's understanding and worldview. Such changes are seldom welcome. However, even the painful truth is better than remaining in the dark. Please, watch it.
Michael Blanshan
Santa Fe

It appears that "crying" is a most therapeutic exercise for Linda Durham. For some additional therapy, she should consider a condolence call to the parents of the innocent 13-year-old Israeli boy who was hacked to death by a Palestinian terrorist this past week. Could you believe that a group by the name of Islamic Jihad actually took "credit" for this barbaric act?

For some additional crying, Ms. Durham and her Code Pink colleagues may take the opportunity to visit the family of the Chabad rabbi and his pregnant wife who were tortured and murdered by jihadi terrorists in Dubai and India simply because they were Jews.

Is a visit by Code Pink to the Sudan with T-shirts reading "Viva Sudan" in the works? By all accounts, in excess of 500,000 black Christians have been systematically annihilated by their Muslim brothers. Their only crime being their Christian faith. Now there's a good cry for you.
Alan Langer

SFR is good at investigation, but now we get the same old hackneyed redundant investigation on white and black hate groups, which are indeed dangerous and stupid, but wait a minute. Rush Limbaugh is a one-man band of sniveling and snotty discrimination—a propaganda machine.

And US and Israeli policy is murderous. You never report on that—not a peep. Even though 2 million Semite Iraqi civilians have died during the Clinton and George W Bush regimes. While Israel is busy impersonating Rambo—mowing down other Semites—I suppose it's under the impression that the only way to survive is to have no neighbors. This may be under the guise of survival—but it is indiscriminately discriminate. Where is your investigation on that? Could this silence be construed as propaganda, hypocrisy or just plain fear?

I suppose we should be grateful for whatever information we get. But somehow it isn't enough.
SM Stevens
Santa Fe

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