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Getting around

Great story and totally unexpected ["Bikers Beware"]. I am a walker, biker and car driver in Santa Fe. Here are some suggestions to pass on to the all readers. The police can start enforcing moving-vehicle violations in pedestrian crosswalks any noon time at St. Francis and Cordova and Alta Vista. Enforcement as well for vehicles passing bikes with less than 4 to 6 feet separation, depending on the location and conditions. And the city can reconfigure the signals at intersections to halt all vehicles during pedestrian intervals. Restriping pedestrian crosswalks and more budget for a real city bike-trail system are way overdue. And finally, Anne McLaughlin's bike license idea will only discourage bike use for daily commutes as well as use by visitors to the city. Denver, this summer, will drop $1 million on 30 stations around town for anyone to pay a small fee and take a bike for a ride. I also encourage bikers and pedestrians to continue to organize and inform on what is going on in the streets and on the trails here.
Tom Andrews
Santa Fe

Push Harder
One must give thanks to Ms. Patricia Sauthoff for her hard-hitting and informative interview of Mr. Sami Jaber. The only question left unanswered was that of Mr. Jaber's favorite color. Hopefully, there will be a second interview and, if this be the case, I would be interested in the following.

Please explain the call for a jihad by Hamas, a terrorist organization, whose stated objective is the extermination of the Jews. Which is, incidentally, a war crime.

Please explain Hamas' policy of deliberately placing military installations in or near schools, mosques, hospitals and civilian homes in order to use innocent Palestinians as human shields. Which is, incidentally, a war crime.

Please explain why during the last seven months Hamas has fired in excess of 3,000 rockets at innocent Israeli citizens, you know, women and children, in southern Israel. Which is, incidentally, a war crime.
When the Israelis evacuated Gaza without a quid pro quo, did Hamas make an effort to build a viable Palestinian state, which they claim is their cherished goal? Nada. Nothing. Instead, they smuggled rockets, mortars, missiles and ammunition furnished by Iran through tunnels connected to Egypt for the sole purpose of creating death and destruction.

Who can deny a sovereign nation's responsibility and obligation to defend its people?

Just for the record, Jews were murdered in Palestine simply because they were Jews long before the state of Israel existed.

Ms. Sauthoff, where was your indignation when the rockets were launched onto civilian targets in Israel? Where was your interview of a pained and grieving Israeli?
Alan H Langer

Let the Door Hit…
Mr. Bush, goodbye and good riddance to you and your triple threat of arrogance, ignorance and incompetence. Again I can watch the evening news without reaching for the mute button or blocking the view of your smug countenance with my middle finger. I knew you'd be trouble in 2000, after reading of the devastating mess you left behind in Texas. Many of us knew it for certain four years later, but not enough other voters were convinced of your utter ineptitude. Spin your legacy all you wish, but what another shameful mess you have left us with, globally and locally. "W" truly must stand for "Worst-Ever." Kudos to the journalist in Iraq who did what so many of us have dreamed of for years. If I could throw shoes at you without fear of legal recourse, you'd be dodging about two dozen size 8s right now.
Donna J Every

On the Fritz
Fortunately, those who knew Fritz are merely baffled by Zane's noncomprehension. Personally, I LOVED the Scholder show at [the Institute of American Indian Arts] Museum—don't miss it! Scholder's stature in Native Art is comparable to [Bob] Dylan's in music: striking and personal, comprehended by some, incomprehensible to others. Like Dylan, Scholder's influence was stellar; not all of Dylan is great nor comprehensible, yet, as Dylan produced 50 albums, Scholder advanced his art's limits; when patrons wanted him to continue painting Indians of the '70s and early '80s but he preferred painting Egyptian mummies and vampires, Fritz said, "Never mind the Scottsdale patrons!" (and had tough times by abandoning Indian subjects). Your reviewer does unacceptable disservice to Fritz and my sterling memories of him. I'll never forget his speech to IAIA graduates (in 2005) about art as a beacon lighting up the ignorance of the world (the last time I saw him before he died). Through his efforts at IAIA, he reshaped Native American Art, like Stravinsky, Picasso and Dylan revolutionized their realms.
Stephen Fox
New Millennium Fine Art
Santa Fe

Housing hypocrisy
I admit to not having all the information about the controversy over a new affordable-housing development in the northwest part of town. But it strikes me that any new development is, at this time, inappropriate. With all the housing stock on the market (even between $100,000 and $300,000), there should be an effort to purchase, update and divide (as needed) existing housing, to make it available to those with lower incomes. Clearly, I'm not talking about subprime types of financing but, rather, a creative combination of green rebuilding employment, volunteer opportunities and grant money. This would not only avoid the stereotypical low-income corridor effect, but would reinvigorate the economy and existing neighborhoods.
Jane Cook
Santa Fe

Really Nice Chairs
In these difficult economic times, it is hard to believe the shenanigans regarding our state budget. I did a little research on the Herbert Humphrey Elementary School. Its Web site lists a total of 32 teachers and department heads. This would put the cost of the "chairs for the teachers" at $781.25 each. Here is an example of where a budget item could be easily slashed in half. Can anyone please explain to me the one benefit we get in Santa Fe when the state Legislature is in session? Why do the gas prices in Santa Fe noticeably drop when the state Legislature is in session? Right now, the prices at the pumps in Santa Fe are at or below the average in Albuquerque, which never happens during the rest of the year. Maybe the station owners don't want the Legislature to think about an investigation into the price fixing that goes on in the City Different when they aren't around.
Mark Bastian
Santa Fe

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