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Ms. Speaker
I would like to recommend Hillary Clinton be appointed as speaker of the house [Cover, Nov. 12: “The Dream Team”]! Since Obama did not feel he should pick her as his running mate for vice president, I believe the least he can do is appoint her next position of speaker of the house…WOOOHOOO!!! The women of America would be PROUD!

I am VERY HAPPY that Obama did win! I voted for him as I’m sure a lot of women did. I just feel, as a woman, we should have more females in Obama’s administration.
Lorraine Otero

Getting Boring
I found the review of Rachel Getting Married amusing since I nearly got up and left the theater halfway through the movie. I don’t agree that it “flows together naturally, smoothly and without pretension.” On the contrary, I think the movie was made longer than it should have been due to boring and annoying diversions such as the loading of the dishwasher scene or long musical excerpts. Anne Hathaway was excellent as the drug dependent Kym, but the rest of the cast, with their meaningless gibberish, reminded me of leftover characters from a Woody Allen movie. I’m disappointed in both Jenny Lumet and Jonathan Demme for ruining what could have been good drama.
TR Thompson
Santa Fe

Block’s Block
A quick response to John Lorenzen’s letter about Jerome Block’s astonishing win:
John, a bit more homework might have changed the content of your letter. The majority of Santa Fe county residents actually voted overwhelmingly for Rick Lass. The numbers from the secretary of state’s Web site show Lass winning in Santa Fe County 62.5 percent with 37.5 percent to the LOSER Block. If any one county is to blame for Block’s win, it would be Bernalillo.
Greg Smith
Santa Fe

Don’t Vote…
I read Jeremy Parfitt’s article with interest and agreement. It made me feel less alone [during] these days of high hope and unrealistic expectations for Mr. Obama.
I didn’t vote because neither man nor political party can save us from ourselves. Nevertheless, I am not anxiety ridden concerning what changes must occur for this country to get back to its constitutional roots. I too have hope, but it certainly isn’t housed in Washington DC.

It would be a stretch to say I ‘love what is,’ but I do fall in line with the ageless mystics who have always insisted ‘things are the way they are for a reason.’ Of course, America’s ‘reason’ for today is that we have left the Constitution behind and our economic system has become crony capitalism, not the individual capitalism our country was founded on.

It is now too late to depend on the federal government to make things right. The idea that our solutions are the business of individual states, counties, cities and individuals must foster the change, instead of the change that is being heralded as the people’s mandate for the federal government that has just been voted into power. Bailouts from a government that is itself bankrupt will not save us this time.
Joy Jones, PhD
Santa Fe

…Or Pay Taxes
I want to express my surprise and gratitude for your printing of Jeremy Parfitt’s article. As a responsible, freedom-loving individual, I also do not vote or pay taxes. I will not acknowledge the legitimacy of a morally and ethically bankrupt service like our national government with my vote. I also do not support its wars of aggression on foreign lands or here at home on its pot-smoking citizens, which is why I don’t pay federal taxes. I will support my local community, with its various local taxes, and vote in the local elections. I also will be the first to donate to a worthy cause with all the money I save from not paying federal taxes. I can be assured it will get to those in need with very little bureaucratic waste. For a true course change, we need a little re-education as to the true purpose of government in our everyday lives—more letters like this are a step in the right direction.
Kyle Bonorden
Santa Fe

Thank you, David Shodo Portolano for the beautiful Barack poem, and thank you Chris Jonas and Paul Glickman for your thoughtful letters [Letters, Nov. 12: “And Thank You,” “Here’s to You”]!
geri aron
Santa Fe

Givin’ Back
I am so pleased that SFR did a piece in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Mark Sanders’ interview of Carol Horwitz was excellent—balancing the need to report the hard-to-hear statistics with more hopeful information about the resources available to our community.

I especially appreciate that your article was not sensationalist but, rather, interesting and positive. A low-level, but constant media consideration of domestic violence is necessary for our community to remember that it continues to be an issue and there are extraordinary efforts being made to address it. Such reporting can have the positive effect of motivating people to take the simple steps required to be a part of changing the situation.

I also appreciate that you are helping Esperanza with donations to families in need this holiday season. Thank you.
Anji Estrellas
Executive Director
IMPACT Personal Safety
Santa Fe

Consider climate
Can you remember hearing Barack’s words on election night: “I will never forget who this victory truly belongs to. It belongs to you.”

Well, we have all prevailed with the election of Barack Obama. The tears felt so good to shed! And now we must get back to work because this democracy belongs to us. This world is in peril and we must push our
government—our new government—to place global warming at the center of the agenda.

Barack, before you take office, please attend the UN Climate Change Conference in Poland. Your attendance will show the world how important global warming is and how committed we will be to US climate and energy policy. It is connected to the war in Iraq, restoring foreign diplomacy, green-job creation, rebuilding cities and rural economies, environmental restoration, educating children and aligning ourselves with a healthy future.
Mariel Nanasi
Santa Fe

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