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I am writing to congratulate Dave Maass' well written story "Dog Gone" [

]. This is one of the better articles I have read in [SFR] especially about prairie dogs and the relocation process. By being willing to spend time in the field and in the "trenches," Dave has excelled in communicating what is little known to the general population of the frustration, anguish, heartbreak, joy and spirit that goes into prairie dog relocation and the people who work so hard to save this biologically endangered species.

I have been a longtime advocate for the prairie dogs and of the Galisteo Street neighborhood. To see the destruction (for the Rail Runner) of habitat for the prairie dogs and a variety of other wildlife taking place where I live is a hard pill to swallow. Even old-growth healthy piñon, cottonwood and juniper trees are being torn down, leaving a rather bleak picture and a landscape that may never recover.



Finally, an unbiased, comprehensive and provocative article on prairie dogs, because they are quite possibly one of the most misunderstood species on the planet. Mr. Maass does a great job of interweaving facts, emotional subtext, historical tid-bits and educational value through out his well rounded article.

As a freelance writer, specializing in wild life conservation, I have been involved in advocating for the preservation of prairie dogs across the 11 states of their historic range, for over 12 years.

The mindset of many ranchers, landowners and politicians has been passed down from generation to generation, and are very hard to change. The prairie dog vs. landowner "war" has been raging since the early 1900s, and the five remaining species of prairie dogs have been decimated, by disease and mankind, down to a fragmented 2 percent of their original population.

The value of prairie dogs in the evolution of the landscape across the great American plains has been incalculable, by much historic estimation. However, the worthiness of a keystone species that supports dozens of other animals, birds, reptiles and insects, has been disregarded by a major segment of the human population. They are routinely shot, poisoned and bulldozed, without conscience or regard for ramifications in the natural world.

There are increasingly more brave people who have started to welcome prairie dog populations onto their land and there are a handful of brave people, like Paula Martin, who have dedicated their lives to the rescue and relocation of prairie dogs. There are increasingly more writers, like Dave Maass, who are willing to take the "heat" of telling an unpopular tale. These are baby steps in the right direction, but I am still concerned that my great-grandchildren will never have the experience of seeing prairie dogs, living, loving, communicating and "French" kissing, in the wild.


 SAYS WHO?    

In the April 23 edition, Mark Sanders included Camp Lovewave radio show in his list of three "Losers" [

]. Mark wrote, "With all due respect to Camp Lovewave, why do you do a three-part series on David Icke? The anti-Semite..." I called Mark and asked him where his statement of "anti-Semite" came from. When asked if he had read Icke's books or had watched his hours of DVD lectures, Mark admitted he had not. Mark said that he would furnish me with his sources from the Internet for his statement but has not done so. I feel it is reckless to call someone an "anti-Semite" and not provide a source when asked.

Here's the answer to Mark's question: Personally, I find such things as anti-Semitism and racism offensive. However, as a producer on KSFR public radio, I have the freedom to air guests with varied opinions. Our Campers listen and make up their own minds as to what to believe.

Icke has researched present day and historical global issues for over 20 years, including the histories of religions and civilizations, and my interview with David stands. David Icke is NOT anti-Semitic.


Editor's note: Reporter Mark Sanders did, prior to press time, send Mr. Lovewave some of the citations reviewed at SFR in conjunction with the Icke piece. These include citations via Google Books from Icke regarding his beliefs, among others, that Jews created the First and Second World Wars.


My latest phildickian theory about Icke is that he is actually one of the reptile people given false memories to make him think he's human, so the invasion can continue, the gullible humans not believing the words of an obvious bull goose loonie.

I salute KSFR for having a great radio show like Camp Lovewave, and I support the station every six months with a contribution. The only drawback for the Camp's embrace of Icke is that it makes them look like kind of an X-Files show…camp (pun intended) entertainment…not to be taken seriously. I think they are serious people, but if they really buy into Icke, they have been seriously taken.

I'll keep listening to the show, whatever they want to do is OK with me, and I don't think The Camp even WANTS everyone to believe everything they say.

The Reporter was correct, in my opinion, to post the item about Icke. But I hope that we don't get our undies all bunched up over this…



How discouraging and annoying to find yet another head in the sand in the Reporter's ranks. If Daniel McNichol, in his dismissive noting of "new age conspiracist extraordinaire" David Icke's appearance on KSFR's Camp Lovewave [

], is in fact one of the now-minority who still buy wholesale the official conspiracy account of 9.11 put forth in the 9.11 Commission Report, he might want to saunter over to Borders, for starters, and find or order any of Dr. David Ray Griffin's numerous books on the subject, specifically his most recent one,

9/11 Contradictions


If that doesn't get you thinking more clearly and rationally, perhaps checking in with any of the many professional organizations dedicated to having an actual impartial investigation of 9.11 would help. An excellent online starting point with important links is


When we hear the impassioned questioning by so many clear-thinking academics, professionals and public figures, former Republican (yes) White House cabinet officials, not to mention numerous former and present international political names, and for heaven's sakes not to mention the survivors, victims' families and first responders like the greatest 9.11 hero William Rodriguez, it is time for the rest of us finally to get with it, to demand truth and accountability, because it could well happen again.


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