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We are members of PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). We are in the category of ‘Friends.’ We are most grateful for the presence of RainbowVision in our cityâ€"for several reasons [Outtakes, Oct. 24: “


One, our home is in the same neighborhood, and it is great to have this beautiful facility gracing our community. Secondly, it provides a wonderful option for us as we plan for our retirement years. Its facilities are magnificent, and our every contact with RainbowVision has been totally welcoming. It is such a vital community, and we are happy to have ‘money down’ there. Finally, we are grateful for RainbowVision’s hospitality of the meetings of our PFLAG Board each month.



I understand that at the Nov. 1 Tecton public meeting, some believed that there were no elected officials present [Outtakes, Nov. 7: “

�]. That is not correct, as both Rep. Peter Wirth and County Commissioner Jack Sullivan were there, but due to the large turnout they and I were outside on the patio. I discussed with both of them the meeting they were organizing on Nov. 15 at 7 pm at the El Dorado Elementary School, which is located at 2 Avenida Torreon in Eldorado. They have invited Mark Fesmire, who heads the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division (OCD), to answer questions about the role of the OCD and the role of local government with respect to regulating oil and gas exploration and operations. This is a very important topic so I was happy to learn that they took the initiative and organized that meeting. At the prior Tecton public meeting, which was held at the Turquoise Trail Elementary School, I know that Rep. Rhonda King and County Commissioners Mike Anaya and Jack Sullivan were present. There may have been other elected officials there.

Clearly there are many elected officials who are concerned about this issue as well they should be.




Regarding the letter to the editor from W Perry in SFR [


Most people value the national forest as a place for peace and quiet, to enjoy nature and escape from noise, pollution and civilization. Unfortunately, OHVers (Off-road vehicle riders) damage fragile areas, drive out wildlife, destroy the quiet enjoyment of the forest with noise pollution, compromise wildlife habitat and too often damage and erode wetlands, hillsides and grasslands by going off trail. And they are dangerous to themselves and othersâ€"check out the Web site


While everyone has the right to use our national forests, OHV and non-motorized uses are incompatible. Yet the web of OHV trails currently under consideration by the Santa Fe Forest Service is so extensive as to not only subject our national forests to devastating damage but also to sacrifice our forests to OHVs only. In order for the majority of us to continue to enjoy the national forests, OHVs should have their own areas, far away from the rest of us.

I live in the La Cueva Canyon. The canyon is a very special place for hiking, bicycling, family picnics, solitude, riding horses and introducing children and adults to nature. We recently had an invasion of ATVers, who raced on the county and forest roads, almost driving an 80-year-old resident off the road, motoring across private and forest lands, across wetlands and up fragile hillsides.

It was a tragic demonstration of what could happen throughout the forest. Unless OHVs are limited to a few designated trails, and the Forest Service has the funds for enforcement, we stand to lose this magical place and many others that are unique to New Mexico.

A pair of hiking shoes is a lot cheaper than an ATV. Perhaps when Mr. Perry needs to escape from his office he should get off his ATV and take a walk. He might get a thrill from hearing a bird sing, smelling the clear air and seeing the forest close up. It’s free and fun.


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