The department is genderless. We are wholly based on capability. We have hard written, physical and psychological tests, and candidates have to excel at all of them. We run background checks and test for drugs. That said, when we work in the schools, we emphasize to all students that they are capable of achieving their dreams and that girls can be firefighters, too


—Barbara Salas, Santa Fe Fire Department chief, Jan. 27

I get emails from people: ‘Why do you root for bad weather?’ Well, it’s like an insurance agent rooting for people sitting in his lobby wanting policies. You know, that’s what I do. The times when I feel the worst are when I think it’s going to be a big deal and it doesn’t happen.

—Mark Ronchetti, KRQE meteorologist, Feb. 17

If the lion stayed in Santa Fe, there’s a very good chance it’d get in trouble: hit by a car, a concerned citizen might shoot it. For the good of the public and the good of the animal, we have to move it.

—Robert Livingston, Department of Game and Fish northwest area assistant chief, March 24

I had grand visions of fixing the system, but I think the solution might just be that we as a community need to get re-involved in the judicial process.

—Jenna Yañez, Court Watch program, April 14

I want the public to know that our goal is to restore its trust in the mission of the State Investment Office.

—Steven Moise, New Mexico State Investment Council officer, May 19

There’s a lot of hostility when a cyclist is slowing a car down, but we’re traffic, too. The roads were paved for cyclists before cars even existed.

—Lisa Miles, Bike Santa Fe, June 30

We all have to learn to read and write, but we also have the seeds of originality in us. Education has to address: ‘Who is this human being? Where are they moving? And how can we design learning [to] support that?’

—Aaron Stern, founder and director of Santa Fe’s Academy for the Love of Learning, July 7

Santa Fe can’t be treated like some crappy little Prozac vacation spot; people actually have to engage the community and worry about other people.

—Jason Flores-Williams, lawyer, Aug. 11

We lose a lot of people to other cities, not just big ones like Brooklyn and San Francisco. It’s not that they’re going to cooler places; they’re just leaving Santa Fe.

—Shannon Murphy, After Hours Alliance, Sept. 15

I feel like I live in a zombie world. When people go jogging, there’s specials shoes, clothing and, before you go out, be sure to put an iPod on so you don’t have to hear a bird.

—Michael Sumner, artist, Burning Books, Oct. 27

I’ve had patients who have lived away for 20 years and were clean the entire time. They come back to northern New Mexico and, within three months, relapse.

—Leslie Hayes, doctor at El Centro Family Health, Nov. 3

If we look at some famous American artists like [Jean-Michel] Basquiat, Andy Warhol—these were guys doing this stuff in public places; they got their start by doing that kind of art. Graffiti is destructive for building owners and buildings the city owns, but there has to be room for that on some level.

—Charlotte Jackson, owner of Charlotte Jackson Fine Art gallery, Dec. 15