Maury Brooks is a local artist, writer, energy worker and healer who invented a technique he calls VibraHarmonics. In his book, Pain Free, Brooks uses an everyday party balloon to explain basic VibraHarmonics techniques. This week, from his Railyard-district studio full of hanging bells and
colorful abstract paintings, Brooks discusses a few aspects of his technique with SFR.

on balloons
I was at the first International Sound Healing Conference here in Santa Fe. And there’s a gentleman—Dr. John Reid, who’s from England—who creates equipment to be used for sound healing, where he puts it on you and it sends sound waves in…He had us basically just talk into a balloon. Here, you’ve got this invisible stuff coming out of your mouth and giving you the experience of being amplified in the balloon and, depending on your sensitivity, possibly going through your entire body. What’s important about that is it’s identical to this experience I had 22 years ago—about 18 years ago back then—when I was working on my wife.

on bells
If you look at your body like the keys on a piano, you’ll see a lot of parallels. On a piano, if you hit a C key, all the other Cs will resonate. Now, imagine you have Cs in your body. These [bells] are tuned to notes also. They’re actually attuned to the rainbow and, through some formula, they brought them down to the sound range. When you notice that that sound causes you to choke up, that sound has parallels in your body and in the world around you, in many ways. So my goal is to help people desensitize that sound; almost think of it like an allergen of some sort…

on healing
A lot of people are interested in healing but don’t know where to start. The work is very simple. Healing is very simple. We, as a society—whether it being the natural or Western model—have made it very complicated. Yes, I’ve got big, thick books on Qigong—you know, thousands and thousands of pages—but, in truth, and even the author of those books say, ‘You don’t really need any of this.’ The question is, how do you take these very far-out ideas and get them to the layman?

on vowel sounds
If you think about it, we are resonant, vibrational beings. I think, as a society, we’re right on the verge of waking up to that simple reality. Why it’s so important is that, you know, some people say everything is energy—which is also true—everything is sound, everything is light. But why it’s so important with vibration is that it can be felt.

on words
Think about the word ‘chocolate.’ I noticed my breath tightening up, and I’m just mimicking you. Now, basically what that tightening up is saying is the vibrational is tightening down. You’re not vibrating so freely because you’re having a…response that’s affecting you in a way that would generally not be considered positive. Everything about our world does that to us. I could look over at that red dog there and, based on whatever your response to the memory or combination of responses that memory triggers…you may or may not have a response. But based on those past experiences, if you had any kind of negative situation where there happened to be a red dog in the space or any of these correlations, you might have that natural response to dogs.

on energy
Why is this important? For one, [blocks take] away from your life energy, from the power you have to really be who you are. It’s like a weight sitting on you that’s keeping you from fully moving, fully being free.

on knowing where to go
That’s kind of like the beauty of my work. While, yes, I have some common themes and patterns I work with, on the bigger scale, I say there are no rules when it comes to healing. Everything vibrates and anything, if it’s what’s needed, can be used as a tool for healing. Period.