"I go in to win. I'm all balls-to-the-wall and ready-to-go. 'Don't step up if you can't keep up,' that's what I tell a lot of people."
—Xbox wizard/Halo 2 champion Troy "Snake" Dunn, Jan. 21-27

There are tons of performers who are doing things like grabbing their crotches and singing about their bitches…I wanted to try to portray something more complex."
—Indi McCasey, Gender Offenders performer, Feb. 11-17

"What people have to learn who don't like us and wish we would go away is we're not going away. The issue won't be resolved until we have what we want, until we have full civil equality."
—writer Dan Savage, March 25-31

"I was once in Bolivia in a very small town. Someone asked me, 'What do you do?' And I thought…I can't say that I sell big pieces of cloth for $5,000. So I said I was a teacher. It was at that time that I thought a teacher is a righteous job."
—activist Linda Durham, April 1-7

"The public needs to be more forthcoming in their support for public education. Legislators don't operate in a vacuum. They make decisions based on what their constituents want. Education doesn't come free; it costs money, and this is a very expensive community."
—Santa Fe Public Schools Board of Education member Barbara Gudwin, May 20-26

"The devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was catastrophic. But we also have to realize that the United States bombed New Mexico first."
—Joni Arends, executive director of Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety, June 24-30

"…as long as people can drink liquor and drive, there are going to be idiots that drink and drive. I was one of them."
—state Sen. Phil Griego, July 15-21

"I think there's something enticing about the words 'underground,' 'lo-fi,' 'independent.'"
—filmmaker Jon Moritsugu, Aug. 5-11

"The bigger TV you have, the dumber you are."
—David Brancaccio, host of NOW on PBS, Sept. 23-29

"I'm a ridiculous optimist. But I think it's easy to be encouraged when you succeed, and we succeed because we have so much help. Having a grateful heart is a big part of being successful."
—Lisa Jennings, executive director of Animal Protection New Mexico, Oct. 14-20

"My art career was retardedly successful until the recession took out galleries and bankrupted clients. I realized that I had become complacent and I've emerged as a better painter because of it."
—artist Gregory Lomayesva, Nov. 25-Dec. 1

"One of those high-ranking Nazi guys said if you tell a lie long enough, people will believe it's the truth. My take is, if we tell the truth long enough, people will come to see it as the truth."
—veteran Daniel Craig, Dec. 9-15