We’re no strangers to the great outdoors in New Mexico. As home to the nation’s first wilderness area, we’ve long been aware that the blank places on the map can be some of our most valuable. And reasons to get out and see what the map doesn’t show you abound. We open this special Outdoor Issue with one answer to why a person might want to go play outdoors: Because it could change, or save, your life. OK, so you’d like to go, but where? We’ve got some ideas for that, too. And a surefire way to get and stay committed is to sign yourself up for something that’s going to test your limits. So try a triathlon, or Santa Fe’s new ultramarathon, which comes in sizes to fit most. Curious about how our trails system and our raft guides are doing? We’ve got those answers, too. However you choose to get out there to recreate and appreciate our wild lands, we just hope you do.