At noon on Jan. 15, New Mexico's legislative session opens for business. Each year, the Legislature alternates between 30-day "budget-only" sessions and 60-day general sessions, at which pretty much anything and everything is up for debate. This year's 60-day session is sure to be an exciting one—not only because the Democrat-controlled state House and Senate will once again face off against Republican Gov. Susana Martinez, but also because close to one-third of all state lawmakers are brand-new, fresh off a heated election cycle. With two months of committee meetings, floor hearings and exciting (seriously!) debate, it's your perfect chance to get involved, even if you don't know the first thing about how a bill becomes a law. So read up: With our "Dummiez" guide (yes, we know it's spelled wrong; it's a copyright thing), you'll learn to legislate, lobby and lounge around like a pro. In bed.  —Alexa Schirtzinger

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