It's not easy to summarize an entire year in 10 abbreviated news stories. Or is it? When SFR's editorial staff sat down to brainstorm about the events that defined 2011, each of us rattled off a similar, if not identical, list: the Las Conchas wildfire, Jerome Block Jr., the enduring relevance of New Mexico's pay-to-play scandals, the Occupy movement, the state of Santa Fe Public Schools, the war—yes, we're still at war—and driver's licenses for foreign nationals, a nonissue that became an issue.

In many areas, we succeeded. SFR's coverage of the controversy, lack of transparency and poor performance in local public schools remains unrivaled. Our 24/7 news treatment of a 24/7 wildfire was exhausting, but undoubtedly worthwhile.

But we also fell short of covering certain subjects to the extent we could or maybe should have. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to kill and wound New Mexico's bravest; those who return are faced with the dual challenge of readjusting to society while attempting to beat the most dismal job prospects since the Great Depression. As with the national media, these heartbreaking stories have not dominated the local news—but we're committed to continually strengthening and improving our coverage of Santa Fe's most important issues.

Farewell, 2011. We'll miss your political scandals and your fervent, vocal 99 percent. We hope never to revisit your natural disasters. And Santa Fe, we'll see you on the other side.

—Alexa Schirtzinger 

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