To get their licks in (when excluded from televised debates):
former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson
@GovGaryJohnson: If I was onstage I might be able to make the claim that I’ve actually hired more people directly than anyone else up there
11 Aug 

To showcase their mastery of written English:

US Rep. Steve Pearce, R-NM
@RepStevePearce background page: “Reperesenting New Mexico’s 2nd District”

To explain why they’re late adopters:
Santa Fe City Councilor Patti Bushee
@pattibushee: The wheels gov’t (justice) grind slowly.
26 Feb 09
(her only tweet)

To point out the elephant in the room:
@GovGaryJohnson: Border violence is prohibition related
11 Aug

To name-drop:
US Rep. Martin Heinrich, D-NM
@Heinrich4NM: In the South Valley with President Obama. Together, we will move our country forward, not back.

To get help with vegetables (tubers, actually):
State Rep. Brian Egolf, D-Santa Fe
@BrianEgolf: Veggie help: I’m eating something that looks like a sweet potato on the outside but looks like a regular potato on the inside. What is it?
7 Aug 10

To damn themselves with faint praise:
@RepStevePearce: Cedric Richmond, D-La, won Dem. MVP for throwing a one-hitter. I was awarded Republican MVP for getting our lone hit in tonight’s game.
14 Jul

To flaunt questionable taste:

State Rep. Michael S Sanchez, D-Valencia
@mssanchez4NM: Dolly Parton the ultimate professional. Great performance tonight at Sandia!
20 Jul

@mssanchez4NM: Dolly Parton thanks for bringing the rain!
20 Jul

To disclose that they’re miniature:
Heather Wilson, former US representative and Republican candidate for US Senate
@Heather4Senate bio: “small businesswoman”

To show they’re regular folk:

@BrianEgolf: Being home sick and a bachelor for a few weeks means way more day and evening TV. First conclusion: Pat Sajak is really just phoning it in
10 Aug via TweetDeck