Earlier this year, The Advocate ranked Santa Fe the second-gayest city in America—ahead of traditional hotspots such as Miami and San Francisco.

"This is where seasoned gays come to center themselves, but not in a boring way," Mike Albo, the article's author, writes in the magazine's February 2011 issue.

But Santa Fe isn't just about "seasoned gays." It's also the City Different, which means people from every letter of the LGBTQ alphabet and beyond can find a place here.

And that diversity is what makes Santa Fe tick. We may have a governor who opposes giving same-sex couples the same partnership rights that heterosexual couples have, but Santa Fe still manages to attract the kinds of creative people who, whether through their own lives or their business practices, foster the kind of in-your-face tolerance we love.

SFR's first Pride issue goes beyond all the fun events of Pride Week in Santa Fe; though, of course, there are many.  We've included a rambunctious series of eyebrow-raising lists just for the fun of it. CLICK HERE.

Not all in Santa Fe is rosy, though: In one man's journey to reconcile his sexual orientation with his fervent Catholicism, there is pain and frustration, but (spoiler alert!) ultimately release. CLICK HERE.

And for same-sex couples who can't legitimately marry in New Mexico, taking every legal precaution available still may not quell fears of separation. CLICK HERE.

Santa Fe has pros and cons through the eyes of a young, gay woman. CLICK HERE.

In short, Pride is stronger than it ever has been; but, lest we forget that the rights afforded to the LGBTQ community are still unequal, Pride is also at its most fragile. What better moment to celebrate the people who make Santa Fe a center of acceptance?—Alexa Schirtzinger