On the calendar, Earth Day is April 22. But in Santa Fe, the events planned throughout the week highlight environmentalism's deep roots in the community all year round.

With activities that range from seed exchanges to local energy talks to trash pickup to beekeeping movies, this week's Earth Day events are focused on practical applications, many of which are growing in popularity and impact.

Throughout this issue, SFR highlights opportunities for Santa Feans to jump into new endeavors, whether it's through green building, climate change activities or harvesting rainwater. Not sure where to focus your environmental spirit? Perhaps art or books will help lead the way.

So how are you spending Earth Day/Week/Year?

—Julia Goldberg

Turning Green

Ready to become a true tree hugger? Here’s how

Ode to the Urban Coyote

For their wildness and resiliency

If You Build It

Santa Feans have no excuse for not building green

Green Samaritans

Class arms environmental crusaders

Big Picture

Earth Now showcases environmental art, then and now.

Hot Truths

Harvey Stone uses real-world climate change for a fast-paced tale