In 2009, staff writer Corey Pein began examining domestic violence in Santa Fe and in New Mexico from a variety of perspectives and through dramatic cases that were under-reported in the mainstream media. What he uncovered is a shocking persistence of domestic violence, habitual abuse and resistance to meaningful reform at all levels of enforcement and treatment for perpetrators as well as insufficient support for victims.
A family headed toward tragedy—while Santa Fe watched
Police say “Reno” Leyba killed his girlfriend, Sarah Marie Lovato, her unborn child, Isaac, and her father, Bennie Ray Lovato, Sr.
Perhaps no one else should be surprised. The story of Reno and Sarah is one of families destroying themselves while their community, looking on, does nothing.

By: Corey Pein 07/08/2009

And other stories from Santa Fe's domestic violence epidemic

A review of felony domestic violence cases, along with recent police reports and protection orders, reveals a troubling pattern: The state often fails to protect women who have been threatened, beaten or worse by men they live with, share children with or once upon a time dated. And even when police, prosecutors and social workers know offenders’ names and addresses, they can stay beyond the reach of the law.
By: Corey Pein 08/05/2009






Even Santa Fe women of wealth and status get trapped by domestic violence

In each of the recent, highly publicized domestic violence cases, the couples lived in housing projects, trailer parks and other less-than-chic corners of Santa Fe. This fact appeared to confirm what some already assume. But those who work in the field—knocking on doors after the neighbors hear screaming, consoling a weeping woman afraid for her life—know nothing could be further from the truth.

By: Corey Pein 10/14/09


There is another side to the domestic violence story...
The “fathers’ rights” narrative goes something like this: Family courts, cowed by decades of feminist activism, are biased against anyone with a Y chromosome. A few brave men, undaunted by the forces of feminist oppression, are fighting for their rights as fathers—and for the rights of all male-kind. 
By: Corey Pein 12/16/09





Abuse case may reflect overburdened caseworkers.

Andy Armando Garcia is, in judicial parlance, a "repeat offender," having been booked for credit card theft, drugs and skipping warrants.

By: Corey Pein 05/06/2009


Despite violent rap, state let guard keep license

Jury selection begins next month for the trial of Marino K Leyba, known to friends as Reno. He stands accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend, Sarah Lovato, and her father, Bennie Lovato Sr. Police say he committed the murder wearing the uniform and possibly with the gun he used working for his father, Marino M Leyba, owner of USA Security and Surveillance.
By: Corey Pein 09/16/2009


Domestic violence surge prompts government action

Local leaders say they are finally ready “to protect survivors of domestic violence…and to hold perpetrators of domestic violence accountable,” according to a Santa Fe County press release. It is, after all, “Domestic Violence Awareness Month.” What’s the plan?

By: Corey Pein 10/07/10


Briefs: May 13
Physical abuse is up, lawsuits are up and literacy is down
By: Corey Pein 05/13/2009
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Domestic relations hearing officer ousted

By: Corey Pein 07/22/2009


Briefs: Sept. 30

The ongoing case of security guard Phillip Glock
By: Corey Pein 09/30/2009