Our master list for our annual year-end roundup began as a meandering notation of 75 stories that had, at some point during the year, captured the media limelight (or our fancy). From there we began to winnow and condense (and argue, but just for fun).

What emerged was a year in which Santa Fe grappled with big issues. We tackled public transportation and housing and global warming. We saw the economic tremors begin here, as they did elsewhere.

And, lest we forget, we had a lot of great politics.

When all was said and done, Santa Fe, like the rest of the state and the country, dealt with a lot of changes in 2008, whether it was in our music venues or the ownership of our hospital or the next president of the United States.

So, while this isn't a town normally known for its love of change, this year was different. New Mexico will begin '09 with new leadership at the state and federal levels. And, though the economic picture right now ends the year on a bit of a depressing note, we'll always have Nov. 4, 2008 to remember.
—Julia Goldberg

PS: What made '08 a year to remember for you? Write in and tell us. We'll be back on the streets Jan. 7. Until then, this double issue is packed with plenty of info to keep you going through the holidays.


A Year in the Life of Political Obsession
It wasn’t the only story—it was just the best one

Writer's Block
One Democrat’s scandals kept the stories flowing

Old Town/New Deal
Despite recession, SF invests in infrastructure

Brokeback Nation
Recession hits hard, but Santa Fe holds on

Green became the new black in ’08

State of Higher Education
CSF will work on wooing the Legislature

Listen Up
Can the underground go mainstream? Maybe so

Off Road
Bye-bye Hummers; we’re ready to move on

Waiting Room
Changes at Santa Fe’s only hospital worry watchers

Star Gazing
Tamalewood grabs some gold