On Dec. 2 in Oakland, California, a warehouse fire at popular DIY music and art space Ghost Ship killed 36 people and traumatized hundreds more. Ghost Ship was the area's go-to joint for live music and artistic collaborations; a fun place for all to come together and embrace their individualism. And although the cause of the fire remains unknown, one thing is clear: This could have been avoided if the space had access to better resources for improving safety features.

Santa Fe's own mega-popular arts collective Meow Wolf knows this and has launched a new fund aimed at supporting struggling or unsafe DIY art spaces around the world. In a press release dated Dec. 12, Meow Wolf CEO and co-founder Vince Kadlubek stated that they will raise $100,000 annually for “infrastructural improvements, rent assistance, materials and equipment and other needs as identified by the applicant.” Interested parties may apply at

beginning Jan. 1 and must supply extensive information about proposed improvements as well as images of their space. Those whose workspaces double as living space, as well as owners of eclectic art venues and collaborators, are encouraged to apply, even if their needs are as basic as exit signs and sprinkler systems.

Kadlubek tells SFR the funds have already been raised from profits generated by Meow Wolf’s

House of Eternal Return

, and that they plan to check in with those who are approved regularly to ensure requisite changes have been made to the venues.