Last week's cover story featured SFR's free press lawsuit against the Susana Martinez administration. Today, we have an update.

On Tuesday morning we learned our pre-Thanksgiving trial is now instead set to unfold with the spring blossoms.

Katherine Murray, one of two attorneys representing SFR, received exciting news this weekend: She’s going to be a mother. After waiting more than two years to adopt a child, Murray on Monday flew to Florida and met her newborn son.

Co-counsel Daniel Yohalem reached an agreement with Martinez' team and District Judge Sarah Singleton to kick off the three-day trial on March 29, a Wednesday. That gives Murray ample time to decide whether she wants to continue working on our case. If not, Yohalem may need to find another co-counsel or fly solo.

"We're very appreciative that the judge was able to find time on her calendar and the defendant was amenable to this change," Yohalem says. "Sometimes events in our personal lives interrupt the work we're doing and it is important to make room in our work lives for those events."

We couldn't agree more. This year, we've had two staffers go on maternity leave.

SFR's trial concerns whether Gov. Martinez discriminated against this paper by ignoring our request for comment while providing other media outlets answers to nearly identical questions. We also claim the administration violated public records law by delaying or denying a number of our requests.