Mayor Javier Gonzales delivers his accomplishments of his first 100 days in office in a letter to the city today.

They highlight his successful "People to the Plaza" effort, the work of his transition team and his office's increased use of social media and open hours for residents to meet with the mayor. He also mentions three themes that he says defined his campaign earlier this year: economic development, education and youth services and environmental issues.

"These pillars continue to shape my work for the city and we will soon be launching key efforts in each of these areas," Gonzales writes.

He also highlights the compromises made into getting his Plaza legislation passed into law. Originally, Gonzales advocated to closing all four streets of the Plaza to cars during the summertime. But last month the city council approved a measure that would keep cars running on West San Francisco Street.

"It was an amazing experience and a chance to listen and find a community compromise," he writes. "In that process, we did not hurry, we worked to understand what activities will bring people to our Plaza and what the users and businesses need to keep things running smoothly."

Not mentioned are two key appointments Gonzales made in his first few months as mayor: new Santa Fe Police Department Chief Eric Garcia and new Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Randy Randall.

Gonzales also takes space to write about what he'll be focusing on in the months to come, which he says includes addressing climate change and boosting a weakened middle class.

Read the full letter below: