Is the 2014 World Cup making you feel like it's Christmas Eve and the day before your flight to Disneyland all rolled into one manic package? Check out some places you can catch the game and even get mildly smashed and obnoxious, should the mood take you:

208 Galisteo St., 992-2848

Showing their devotion by opening early for the occasion, El Paseo also won’t be skimping on that cheap, tasty bar food that keeps the locals hooked.

530 S Guadalupe St., 988-7222
All the bar-food standards (we're talking pretzels, poppers and fried pickles) to fill you up while you take in the 11 HD flat screens. Also, it's only $3 for American drafts while the game is playing!

The Locker Room
2841 Cerrillos Road, 473-2719

Any sports bar worth its salt (and barbecue sauce) has some gnarly screens, but check out the Locker Room's gargantuan 9- by 12-foot feast for the eyes.

Buffalo Wild Wings
3501 Zafarano Drive, 471-3353You're likely familiar with the visual carnival of sports that is B-Dubs, and the wide spectrum of available wing sauces also keeps all your friends (and their various heat tolerances) happy.

PC's Restaurant & Lounge
4220 Airport Road, 473-7164
New Mexican food off the beaten path if you like to watch your soccer over a pile of cheese and chile, and who doesn't?

About the featured image: Golden soccer cleats decorate a site in the Northern region of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where 30,000 people are expected to watch live broadcasts of the World Cup matches. The remote viewing site is one of several in the city. New Mexico photojournalist Cole Howard is on location.