They've found it! The New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program and the Santa Fe Business Incubator have partnered to present a new way for local small businesses and startups to get free advice from scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratories. What organizers have dubbed the "Eureka Effect" is a speed dating event, where business leaders will have the chance to talk to 12 LANL scientists for four minutes each. Incubator President and CEO Marie Longserre says the program's name is a perfect fit for what her organization is trying to accomplish.

“It implies that kind of instantaneous recognition of something, and so the speed dating type of format allows for people to sort of come together very quickly and discover the basis of a relationship,” she says.

Participating scientists include economist Steve Booth, microbiologist Kumkum Ganguly and software engineer Phillip Romero. These scientists and others will use their expertise in their fields to provide New Mexico small businesses with technical assistance and advice, says incubator program director Sean O'Shea.

"They'll be able to say 'Here's my business, here's what I need help with,' so the scientist, coming from the perspective of their field, will be able to offer them advice or a suggestion, or say 'Hey, maybe you should go here or talk to this guy,' and then you do it again four minutes later," says O'Shea.

The only requirement to participate is that the business must be based in New Mexico. Among businesses already registered are service providers, artists and biotechnology firms.

After the speed dating event, there will be a time for open networking, where businesses can talk more with any of the scientists. James Rickman, a spokesman for Los Alamos National Laboratory, explains how connections between the lab and private businesses can benefit everybody in the community.

"Relationships with business entities allow business experts in the private sector to discover and leverage technologies developed at Los Alamos; moreover, these business relationships can also allow Los Alamos to learn about processes and capabilities used in the private sector that might be leveraged to help us accomplish our mission," Rickman says. "This inward and outward flow can be a win-win situation for the private sector, Los Alamos National Laboratory and the public."

4:45 to 7 pm, Wednesday, May 14
Santa Fe Business Incubator
3900 Paseo del Sol
RSVP with Sean O'Shea  at (505) 424-1140 or