Y'all may remember a few weeks back when us SFR hotheads let you in on Resolution 2014-16, the city's plan to illicit proposals from the community that would revitalize and/or bolster the local cultural/nightlife economy. The resolution contains no shortage of fancy terminology that basically boils down to this:  Folks around here are kind of bored so we should make things cool again at night.

The ultimate goal is to engage the citizenry in identifying areas that can improve and to then then award micro-grants to accomplish said plans. Neat, right? Right.

Santa Fe's Economic Development Division is now accepting, "proposals for projects to enhance our nighttime economy," reads a city press release that notes it will award $5,000 to the portfolio of selected projects." The money will be divvied up in varying increments based on potential long-term impact and, presumably, merit.

"We need to develop a vibrant nighttime economy that will encourage young people to live, work, play and stay in our community," says Mayor Javier Gonzales. "I look forward to seeing what these proposals can do to get things started."

So here's your chance, you who have bitched about how the city needed to do exactly this. Get those proposals together. We know that many of you probably have great ideas, and we almost can't wait to see how this pans out. Word on the street is that a task force will soon be assembled to aid with the project, but in the meantime, here is what the city is looking for:

Completed proposals should be 1-3 pages long or 1000 words maximum.

The emphasis here is completed.

Include an overview with your proposed title and timeline.

In other words, be thorough.

What you think you might demonstrate or reveal about nighttime economy.

What's the impact going to be like? Phrases like, "pretty good" probably don't count.

Funding request with the amount of money you'd like to access and the exact way you want to use it.

Nobody likes forking over investment cash without a detailed account of where it's headed.

Total project budget

I have no snappy statement about this one.

Other key details like your partners or support squadron, etc.

Who's working with you, and are they ready to go for it all?

The city can't buy or subsidize booze.

Yeah yeah yeah, we all know that nobody does anything without booze, but just leave that out of your proposal because it ain't happening.

Get this thing in by May 12 at 5 pm.

Don't dilly-dally, friends.

Proposals can emailed to Ross Chaney at rxchaney@santafenm.com, and will be checked out by the City Attorney's Office in order to assess liability, city issues, et al. Good luck.