Among the first jobs for Santa Fe's new mayor is appointing a team to study delivery of health care here in the wake of the federal Affordable Care Act. But don't look for any results soon. Work is expected to begin around July 1, and even though the city expects the committee to recommend improvements, it doesn't have any formal authority over the hospital or any other providers.

The formation of the Community Hospital and Health Care Study group comes after a contentious series of City Council meetings.

Officials finally agreed on Feb. 26 that members will be named by the mayor but must fit certain characterizations including two City Council members, two county commissioners, a member of the board of directors for Christus St. Vincent, a member of the nonprofit SVH Support, the chief medical officer or the chief of staff for Christus, representatives from La Familia Medical Center, Presbyterian Medical Services, Indian Health Services and a mental health care provider, two doctors who don't work for Christus, four representatives from the hospital union, five "knowledgeable consumer representatives" and others.