Despite not qualifying for public financing for her run for mayor, City Councilor Rebecca Wurzbuger will stay in the race—at least for the time being. After hearing this week that roughly 40-50 of the qualifying contributions that she turned in to the city clerk were rejected, Wurzburger wrote a letter to her supporters declaring that she will still sign her declaration of candidacy this week. “Over the next 2 weeks, I will be assessing my continuation to run for Mayor of Santa Fe,” she wrote. “Given the political revelations of the last few weeks, this race is far from decided.” The letter also asks supporters if they would continue to back her campaign if she switches to private fundraising.

Wurzburger tells SFR that her campaign made mistakes with duplicate signatures and adds that she regrets not deciding to seek public financing earlier.

Still, she plans to press on, which she maintains won't be an easy task. "If throughout my life something didn't go how I thought it would [and] I had said, 'That's fine, I'm done,' I would still be in a trailer in Mississippi," she says. "So that's the context for how I'm responding to this."

The three remaining mayoral candidates that did qualify for public financing—City Councilors Patti Bushee, Bill Dimas and former state Democratic Party Chair Javier Gonzales—will each receive $60,000 in public money for the rest of the campaign season. Seven of the 12 overall candidates for city council also qualified for public financing. (JP)