Porntopia is back

After a three-year hiatus brought on by a legal challenge that went all the way to the state Supreme Court, independent erotic film festival Pornotopia returns to Albuquerque this fall.

Matie Fricker, the director of the festival, describes it as unlike any other adult erotica event in the world. For one, adult films to be screened will not resemble the sanitized, silicone-heavy imagery of mainstream pornography. She says viewers can expect to see average bodies, average body hair and "women in films actually enjoying themselves."

"It's real important to see realistic pleasure," Fricker says.

Pornotopia is run by Self Serve, a feminist "sex positive" store located in Albuquerque and run by women. The films shown are a compilation of scenes submitted to the festival and selected by a diverse committee to create "a mixtape of the world's hottest porn," as Fricker puts it. Each showing will be blocked into specific categories, i.e. transgender, gay, lesbian and heterosexual.

A "perv patrol" will be also periodically checking the aisles to make sure viewers aren't doing anything naughty.

"We really try to create a safe space for everyone," Fricker says.

Pornotopia will be held on Nov. 1 at the Guild Cinema at 3405 Central Ave. Films start at $10, but those who want to watch a whole lot of porn can get a pass to the fest for $45. Viewers, who can buy tickets through Self Serve, must be 18 or over. (Joey Peters)