After a summer of upheaval, this week local community radio station KSFR named two new management directors to guide the station. George Weston will serve as station manager while Vanessa Roëves will serve as executive director of the Northern New Mexico Radio Foundation, the publicly owned nonprofit in charge of KSFR. Weston, a former electrical engineer who's served as KSFR's chief technology officer for nine years, will run the station's day-to-day operations. Roëves, who's worked in the arts nonprofit world in Santa Fe and the United Kingdom for the past two decades, will lead the station's fundraising drives.  KSFR's board of directors came under fire over the summer after former General Manager Linda Highhill got the axe. The board claimed that firing Highhill was part of a new effort toward more aggressive fundraising. But many of KSFR's volunteers, who conduct roughly 80 percent of the station's operations, criticized the board for not being transparent about its vision for the station. New board members have been appointed since then, and a press release promises the new management "will be working closely with staff, volunteers, and the Board to continue to bring to the KSFR community the outstanding programming it has come to rely on." (Joey Peters)