Feathered boas were fluffed, copious amounts of body glitter applied and Lee press-on nails, well…pressed on last Saturday at Warehouse 21 for the 2013 Santa Fe Pride Pageant—where, under the theme "Wonderful World of Color," four contestants vied for top bitch.

Hosted by the incomparable Fontana DeVine and Johnny Q, the pageant got underway with participants flaunting their best "pride wear." Later, they showcased  their talent—which ranged from interpretive dance to comedic monologue—and concluded with a formal-wear display and a grueling Q&A session.

Designed to select pride royalty to represent Santa Fe across the state and beyond, the contest's newly crowned kings and queens will make their big splash at the upcoming Santa Fe Pride Festival, to be held at Railyard Park on June 22. Afterward, Mr. and Ms. will be acting pride ambassadors for the next year.  

In the end, 6-foot-10-inch Bella Gigante and slightly shorter Daric Lacroix took the titles home.

"I've always been big; now I'm a big deal," Gigante—who, during her sashay, admitted that a bucket of chicken is her favorite meal—told SFR moments after being crowned. "I feel very excited and honored and like I finally have a chance to give back to the local  gay community, who has supported my singing career for the last 17 years," the La Cantina at La Casa Sena belting veteran continued.

Adjusting her crown and taking a moment to soak it all in, Gigante quipped, "It feels a little tiny on my giant head." She ended with the following thought: "I'd always known I was a queen…now I have the title to prove it."