Today, in response to a public-records request SFR filed last month, the office of Gov. Susana Martinez is claiming that it does not have emails that have already been released publicly.


On Feb. 26, SFR filed a request under New Mexico's Inspection of Public Records Act for "All emails concerning public business sent to or from Keith Gardner's Gmail account,, on October 15, 2011."

SFR and other outlets had already released two Oct. 15 emails for that address after obtaining them via a public-records request last year (scroll down to read them). One of them, sent by lobbyist and former New Mexico Foundation for Open Government board member Pat Rogers, was sent to Martinez' chief of staff, Keith Gardner, at 2:15 pm on Oct. 15, 2011.

"Keith—if it's ok, I'd like to move the 7:30 breakfast to the Inn at Loretto," Rogers wrote. "We have probably 3 Scientific Games execs and it's more private. OK?"

Rogers continued: "OK to move to Inn at L? If you send me Teresa's info, I will email her on scheduling stuff."

"That will be great," Gardner emailed back, from the same Gmail account listed in SFR's records request. "Theresa's email is"

It's unclear why the governor's office did not provide that email—sent from Gardner's Gmail account on Oct. 15, and providing Rogers with the official state email of the governor's scheduler—per SFR's request. The response, from paralegal and records custodian Pamela Cason, says only: "The Office of the Governor does not have any responsive documents to your request."

SFR also filed a second request asking to see the checklist of campaign promises that Martinez apparently told the New York Times she keeps in her office. On Feb. 24, Times reporter Fernanda Santos wrote:

Ms. Martinez said she keeps a list of the promises she made during her election campaign and puts check marks next to those she has fulfilled.

Her office's response to SFR's request for that list?

"The Office of the Governor does not have any responsive documents to your request."