Tell anyone they look "trashy" and receive a hostile glare. Tell that to Nancy Judd, sustainable fashion designer, and she'll agree (most likely).--- Nancy Judd reinvents trash into avant garde couture like you'd find in a Project Runway episode.

Judd kicks-off a five-year museum tour, which, put into perspective, is equivalent to half a decade of traveling trash couture. The ReDress exhibition begins in Melbourne, Florida, and crosses states and counties.

Is a visit to Santa Fe in the itinerary? I should hope so. Back in 1998, Judd served as the recycling coordinator to the city of, you guessed right, Santa Fe. Since her humble beginnings, Judd has initiated many trash-inspired endeavors: a trash fashion contest, a wardrobe line and, in 2010, her Obamanos coat (a coat made of Obama campaign memorabilia, ie posters, door hangers, etc., circa 2008) was inducted into the Smithsonian's permanent collection.

Judd's been especially vocal through outreach recently, hosting two TED talks, one in Albuquerque and the other, this past November, in Santa Fe. In Judd's

ReDress:Upcycled Style

exhibit, her pieces range from ticket-stub silhouettes to crime-scene-tape ball gowns. It's a bazaar and flirtatious (also resourceful) exhibition that really attests the motto: one man's trash is another man's fashion couture line.