Fox News journalist Greta Van Susteren took a comfy seat with Gov. Susana Martinez, R, Monday, for a 33-minute chitchat about pets, the first gentleman Chuck Franco--who apparently did a pretty accurate Mexican gangster impression during his undercover days--the economy and Gov. Martinez' presidential ambitions.

"Unemployment rate when you took office was what?" presses the award-winning anchor Van Susteren on what Fox News calls the highest-rated cable news program in the 10 p.m. timeslot, On the Record With Greta Van Susteren. "And what is it now in the state?"

"It was 8.6 [percent] when I took office," replies Gov. Martinez, correctly. "And it is 6.4 [percent]."

Economists attribute much of the drop in unemployment in New Mexico to the discouraged-worker phenomenon: Many New Mexicans have been unemployed for so long they've stopped searching for employment. Those economists derive that theory from the fact that New Mexico's labor force has shrunk by roughly 9,000 in four years. The state has one of the worst negative job-growth rates in the nation.

But who needs stats when there's cats?

Toward the end of the interview, Gov. Martinez, as a way of explaining why she's not running for president, tells an old yarn about Hispanic girls approaching her in the grocery store, saying, "And so if I do this well, then they will see that becoming the governor of this state, or more, greater things, is possible, because they have a role model to look at."

"Except that you could as you know do it...on a another level--I mean you could make that path even broader and farther," points out Van Susteren, in one of the few instances the anchor asked a follow-up question.

Right now her focus is on New Mexico and her family, replies Gov. Martinez.

Van Susteren says that's a good point to end, when suddenly, Gov. Martinez starts to guffaw.

"I thought that this was the one that didn't want to talk to anybody," says Van Susteren. "That's the cat that didn't want to talk to anybody!"

The camera pans to the cat, slinking away, while Gov. Martinez assures Van Susteren the cat is friendly.

"Anyway, I think she's telling us that the interview is over," says Van Susteren, "and I'll take the cue from the cat."