Here we are again in Santa Fe with the Spanish Market. Everyone will find something to spy with a vast array of arts and crafts. Over 350 local Hispanic artists adorn the Plaza to showcase traditional handmade art, jewelry, trinkets, crafts and a whole lot more. ---You won't want to miss the love music and dance, demonstrations by artists, and, of course, food you'll want to learn how to cook at home for the next year.

Seeing as the artists are deep into their own culture you might put on your learning cap and engage these fine folks about the history and traditions of Hispanics around New Mexico and beyond. It's a great opportunity for children to get a sense of history during the learning lull of summertime fun. The Market is the oldest in the U.S. and is said to attract over 70,000 visitors (why don't you walk or bike and save yourself the hassle). With 400 years of regional culture the Hispanic lineage runs deep around here.

The Spanish Market runs from 8-5 on Saturday, July 27 and from 9-5 on Sunday, July 28. Come on down...and don't forget your wallet.