And Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) said that if movie stars don’t want to be taken seriously, they should do TV---

First of all, thumbs up if you got that reference. Second, as the 2012 Emmy nominations were announced this morning, big-screen favorites, such as Kevin Costner, Nicole Kidman and Jessica Lange—all of whom have won Oscars—garnered nods from whoever administers these recognition for TV excellence. As the LA Times perfectly put it, they're making the Emmys look like the Oscars.

Costner garnered a nomination for his role as Devil Hatfield in the History Channel's Civil War drama Hatfields & McCoys, while Kidman snagged hers with a lead role in Hemingway & Gellhorn, HBO's retelling of the famed author's love life. Lange, on the other hand, stood out for her role in FX's American Horror Story, which tied Mad Men for getting the most nominations this year.

Plus, Julian Moore and Kathy Bates also shone. Both of them have also been nominated for Oscars, and Bates won Best Actress in 1990.

I'm starting a conspiracy here, but it seems that networks have been casting movie stars to gain publicity for more ratings. But this is not to say that the actors don't deserve them. It's devious but clever, and it's working. Although for some, the Emmys are now just a bunch of bull awards, they're still pretty legit.

And it's also a marvelous opportunity for movie stars to widen their range and take another bold step in their quest for an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony; another 30 Rock reference). Few people have gotten an EGOT in the past, so earning one makes you an elite.

Switching channels here (TV pun intended), Breaking Bad, New Mexico's claim to fame, has been nominated for Outstanding Drama Series yet again. Bryan Cranston, after getting a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame last June, also makes our state cheer for his Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series nomination. So this is a good year for the state in terms of small-screen presence.

Or is it? I love Breaking Bad as much as the next New Mexican, so don't get me wrong about what I'm about to say. The critically acclaimed drama depicts Albuquerque's drug problem in an exaggerated manner, although some of it is kind of true. And the thing is not only we locals watch the show. The fact the show has been continuously nominated for years now means the entire country and even much of the world sees it. Wouldn't you think that it perpetuates a negative stereotype of the state?

But who am I to be some uptight, pessimistic extremist/nerd here? And as others, especially politicians with sex scandals, say all the time, no publicity is bad publicity. So yes, Breaking Bad getting Emmy nods is definitely a good thing. I'm even hoping for the show to get "six seasons and a movie."

Yes, that's another TV comedy reference. Sigh. I need to watch less TV.

And just in case you haven't read the news yet, here is a list of all the Emmy nominees.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.