Reactions around New Mexico to the June 29 US Supreme Court decision upholding most of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) followed predictable partisan lines.

In a statement, New Mexico Republican Party Chair Monty Newman said the United States is now down to one last hope: Mitt Romney.

"Now, the only way to save the country from the White House's government takeover of health care is to elect a new president," Newman said in a statement.

US Rep. Steve Pearce, R-Las Cruces, says it's time to "get back to work" repealing what the high court considered a tax.

"The Supreme Court, which has the responsibility of interpreting the law, found this overreach acceptable as a tax," Pearce said in a statement. "While I do not agree, I respect its authority to make this interpretation."

US Reps. Ben Ray Luján, D-Santa Fe, and Martin Heinrich, D-Albuquerque and Democratic nominee for US Senate, both released statements praising the ruling and telling the GOP to get over it.

"Young adults will be able to remain on their parents' insurance plan, those with pre-existing conditions will be assured that they will have health insurance, and seniors will continue to pay less for prescription drugs and receive free preventive care," Luján said in a statement. "It is now abundantly clear that the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land and that the people of New Mexico will continue to benefit from its many important provisions."

Heinrich's message focuses more on telling Congress to move on.

"The finger-pointing needs to end and Washington needs to get its priorities straight," he said in a statement.

In that vein, the left-leaning ProgressNow New Mexico started a petition calling for Gov. Susana Martinez and the state Legislature to fully implement the Affordable Care Act. It also launched an online "Thanks For Health Care" campaign to build off the momentum of the ruling.

Over at New Mexico Telegram, SFR online contributor Matthew Reichbach produced a comprehensive post collecting more local responses. Outside of New Mexico, BuzzFeed collected amusing tweets from people on the right critical of ObamaCare threatening to move to Canada, which has a single-payer health care system. (Joey Peters)

In other news: Brace yourself for the ad wars.

American Crossroads, an outside group affiliated with Republican strategist Karl Rove, is out with a commercial spot in support of Republican US Senate candidate Heather Wilson.

It's a positive ad that doesn't mention her Democratic opponent, Martin Heinrich. Wilson is cast as an "independent voice for change" who supports lower taxes and who will cut down on spending.

Wilson sat on the board of another Rove-affiliated group, Crossroads GPS.

According to The Hill, the ad has $180,000 behind it and runs through July 7.

Meanwhile, two environmental groups, Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund and the League of Conservation Voters' political action committee, the LCV Victory Fund, have spent thousands of dollars toward Wilson's defeat, according to campaign finance reports.

They teamed up for a $150,000 ad that’s not so positive. It hammers Wilson for supporting oil companies in Congress. The main character is a schoolgirl named Emma, who doesn’t know about a dangerous toxin in her drinking water. “Who’s Wilson with?” a concerned voice asks. “Not Emma.”

(Justin Horwath)