Thanks to a recent Facebook post from Second Street Brewery, we have just learned that tonight's free Railyard concert featuring newly beloved indie act fun. has been canceled due to illness. ---

Try to keep in mind that a Facebook post is in no way the absolute truth, and SFR has reached out to Heath Concert's Jamie Lenfestey, the promoter of the concert, for comment.

Lenfestey said that Ruess looked "very tired" as he stepped out of the bus this morning. At about 11 am, the promoter got a call from the organizers saying Ruess was almost hospitalized and is unable to sing at the event.

"We're all bummed," said Sandy Brice, the events and marketing director of the Railyard. "We've been working so hard on this."

Brice and Lenfestey both declined to identify Ruess' illness.

Lenfestey said that the Railyard has been preparing for the event since last January. He was thrilled that the band, which produced the number one hit "We Are Young," agreed to do the concert for free.

"I thought it would be a big break for concerts in Santa Fe," Lenfestey said.

The Railyard was expecting to accommodate 3,000 to 5,000 people in the event, he said.

At the moment, Lenfestey said there is "no indication" that the concert would be rescheduled in Santa Fe. He apologizes to the public, and hopes that people will still go to the Railyard's free movie screenings and other upcoming summer concerts.

As the band's other American concerts are mostly sold out, many were looking forward to this free show. Second Street has even speculated the cancellation may have something to do with the band's upcoming Bonnaroo appearance.